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Question 10 - we asked:

Green Dragon Bridge currently has ‘cyclists dismount’ signs, which mean that people can legally cycle over it but that the landowner advises that people do so at their own risk. The Bridge is wider than many shared use paths over which there have not been complaints. Do you support our view that legal cycling should remain permitted, that the signs should read 'Cyclists give way to pedestrians' and that conflict would be reduced by removing barriers to increase the amount of space here?

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(Conservative Party)

This is widely misunderstood, creating resentment between pedestrians and cyclists. Better clarification would be a significant improvement to the tranquility of this area

Oliver Charles Mathew PERKINS
(Green Party)

I have no strong views on this. Cyclist dismount signs are a reasonable means of enabling narrow bridges to be used both by cyclists and pedestrians, particularly young children.

(Labour Party)

The Bridge is very well used by cyclists and pedestrians. The pub is also an important part of East Chesterton which has lost many pubs. I haven’t yet seen details of any proposals but I would want them to go through a full consultation and it is important that the local community has the opportunity to give their views.

Marcus John Gilbert STREETS
(Liberal Democrat)

Green Dragon bridge is a problem as it has high numbers of pedestirans and cyclists using it.

While it may be wider than many other paths, on many of those it is possible to step to the side.

I do not believe asking cyclists to dismount is the answer, as they take more space.

However, it is one of the few places where cyclists are the road users most likely to cause damage.

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