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Question 21 - we asked:

There is no usable infrastructure supporting less confident cyclists along Arbury Road, Union Lane and Church Street, but very many pinch points and parked cars. Recent proposals were opposed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, as they risked harming cyclists interests without providing a continuous, safe route along Arbury Road and Union Lane. Do you support a cycle route from Orchard Park to Riverside Bridge and if so, what infrastructure measures do you propose to encourage cyclists of different levels of ability and confidence here?

We asked this question in these 4 wards: Arbury, East Chesterton, King's Hedges, West Chesterton.

9 of the 17 candidates (53%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

I have not done any great study of this, but the provision for potential new cyclists seems, in general, to be more important (at the outset) than provision for more experienced riders.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

Orchard Park to Riverside is a splendid objective for a cycle route. As your letter indicates there are no easy solutions for its implementation. The re-surfacing of Union Lane would help confident cyclists but the pinch points remain.
This project should be the first priority of a full time cycling officer.

Margery ABBOTT
(Labour Party)

As somebody who has cycled in Cambridge for over 40 years, but who is less confident, when I cycle in Union Lane and Arbury Road I find the traffic quite intimidating. A lot of the cars seem to travel at speed, so I think a 20mph speed limit would be a big improvement. Before any other improvements can be made there would need to be consultation with the residents.

(Labour Party)

As a regular cyclist in Union Lane, I am not sure that there is an easy answer. I would be interested in being involved in a consultation including the residents of both Arbury Road and Union Lane.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

I don't even like driving up the lower end of Arbury Road due to all the parked cars, and the busyness of the chicane makes it terribly easy not to notice a cyclist, so something clearly needs to be done. Is Arbury Road/Union Lane the right route, though? The east end of Orchard Park would seem to be better served by Kings Hedges Road/Green End Road, and the west end might be better off taking a route through Kings Hedges rather than the tempting straight line down Arbury Road. The basic problem is that there isn't space for any useful infrastructure on Arbury Road as you approach Milton Road unless you are prepared to displace a lot of cars that have nowhere else to park.

Neil Michael MCGOVERN
(Liberal Democrat)

The current cycling provision along Arbury Road is disjointed and unsafe. I would be keen to look at a proper off road cycle scheme through the parks and open spaces leading to the Manor, and then a crossing to come down through Arbury Court.

(Liberal Democrat)

I consider Arbury Rd, Union Lane, Church/Chapel Street to Riverside bridge an on main road
route and I would discourage people from using it in favour of the multitude of quiet roads
that are available as an alternative. From Orchard Park if a main road route was needed then
I would use Histon Road or Kings Hedges Road depending on my final destination.

(Liberal Democrat)

This is a problematic stretch and many of the calming measures make it hard for bicycles and motor vehicles to coexist. As I noted last year the proposals to make changes outside St Lawrence school where ill thought thrrough and I am glad they were reconsidered.

At the Milton Road end we have a junction that makes many low confidence cyclists use narrow pavements, causing conflicts with pedestrians, and not made easier by parking for the shops.

The problem is that I can't think of an easy solution. Both roads are narrow. However I would like this area to be looked at (see also question 6), and, if elected, would welcome comments from the campaign and others.

One possibility is a 20mph limit, which is something I think would make the roads more pleasant for residents, pedestrians and cyclists.

(United People's Party)

As potential candidate for Kings Hedges, I am aware of the lack of a direct joined-up cycle route from this area to the city centre or railway station. I think there are three 'linked-up' options - the Chisholm Trail (to reach the railway station/Addenbrookes/Hills Road area; Some way of linking to the bridge at Manhattan Drive/Cutter Ferry to the riverside route through Midsummer common; and/or a priority route along Stretten Avenue/Carlton Way to the top of Castle Hill. The second could link through Verulam Way, Brimley Road and require a link through to Hurst Park Avenue, with the existing crossing across Milton Road through to Chesterton Road, if better signed.
The latter might require restrictions on parking on one side of the road and/or use of 1-way system (via Harvey Goodwin Avenue) to provide safe segregated cycle route, but is a relatively quiet, traffic calmed route.

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