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Question 13 - we asked:

Some cyclists have told us they feel unsafe riding along the two short stretches of Lensfield Road and East Road where car parking is allowed in spite of the heavy traffic. Such car parking narrows the space available considerably, and on East Road the new Tesco store has made things worse. Do you support a complete ban on parking/loading/stopping in favour of a Dutch-style cycleway, in the interests of improved traffic flow and the safety of cyclists?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Market, Petersfield.

8 of the 8 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

I would not support a complete ban on loading/stopping on these roads, but I would support a ban on parking. I regularly cycle down Lensfield road, and don't think that this problem is particularly bad.

Edward James Anthony TURNHAM
(Conservative Party)

I have considered the arguments here, but I am not convinced that a complete ban on parking/loading/stopping would allow local businesses to continue operating.

(Green Party)

Yes, I do support a ban on loading and unloading from main roads. The taxi rank is to be removed from St Andrew's Street. If the bus service improves as a result, and Stagecoach has not a good track record, further parking restrictions would become feasible.

Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

It would be a godsend!

(Labour Party)

I support the a complete ban on parking on East Road and Lensfield Road to make it safer for cyclists. Options would need to be explored, however, to take into account the need for businesses to have deliveries

(Labour Party)

In principle,subject to alternative arrangements for deliveries, but a parking ban alone is not going to solve the problem, need to be looking at the more ambitious proposals in the Eastern Gate Visioning Document, in the debate upon which I pushed for (and obtained) provision for wider cycle lanes.

(Liberal Democrat)

I understand and experience the problem. My belief is this would be best addressed in some strategic project to ease congestion particularly for public transport as well as cycling, as it would be better to consider the interests of the businesses in the context of a broader scheme. I would favour such a scheme being brought forward.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

On East Road, yes. There are upcoming changes here with the remodelling of the Newmarket Road/Elizabeth Way roundabout and cyclists should be considered as part of this project.

Lensfield Road is outside of both Petersfield and East Area, so I am less familiar with the concerns of residents living on and around this road.

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