List of respondents

The following is an index to all candidates who have submitted public responses. Click on the ward name to see them.

Response rates by district Response rate Responses Candidates
Cambridge City Council: 52% 33 64
South Cambridgeshire District Council: 40% 4 10
Total: 50% 37 74
Response rates by affiliation (party) Response rate Responses Candidates
Cambridge Socialists: 50% 1 2
Conservative Party: 29% 5 17
Green Party: 80% 12 15
Independent: 50% 1 2
Labour Party: 53% 9 17
Liberal Democrat: 53% 9 17
UK Independence Party: 0% 0 4
Total: 50% 37 74

This list is ordered by ward and then surname.

Abbey [view responses]:

  • Brett Mark HUGHES (Green Party)

Arbury [view responses]:

  • Stephen Roger LAWRENCE (Green Party)
  • Alan LEVY (Liberal Democrat)
  • Carina O'REILLY (Labour Party)

Castle [view responses]:

  • Philip James SALWAY (Conservative Party)
  • Philip Andrew TUCKER (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ashley WALSH (Labour Party)

Cherry Hinton [view responses]:

  • Jane Sarah ESGATE (Green Party)
  • Neil Alan FORD (Green Party)
  • Edward James Anthony TURNHAM (Conservative Party)

Coleridge [view responses]:

  • Andrew James BOWER (Conservative Party)
  • Valerie Teresa HOPKINS (Green Party)

Cottenham [view responses]:

  • Donald Allan MCBRIDE (Green Party)
  • Timothy John WOTHERSPOON (Conservative Party)

East Chesterton [view responses]:

  • Gerri BIRD (Labour Party)
  • Clare Frances BLAIR (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Harry POPE (Green Party)

Histon & Impington [view responses]:

  • Jonathan Peter CHATFIELD (Liberal Democrat)
  • Godson LAWAL (Labour Party)

King's Hedges [view responses]:

  • Mike PITT (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ian TYES (Independent)

Market [view responses]:

  • Alexandra COLLIS (Green Party)
  • Andrea Curti REINER (Liberal Democrat)

Newnham [view responses]:

  • Richard JOHNSON (Labour Party)
  • Julie Elizabeth SMITH (Liberal Democrat)

Petersfield [view responses]:

  • Kevin BLENCOWE (Labour Party)
  • Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL (Liberal Democrat)

Queen Edith's [view responses]:

  • Vince MARINO (Conservative Party)
  • Brian WESTCOTT (Green Party)

Romsey [view responses]:

  • Jamie GIBSON (Green Party)
  • Zoe MOGHADAS (Labour Party)
  • Raj SHAH (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tom WOODCOCK (Cambridge Socialists)

Trumpington [view responses]:

  • Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY (Green Party)
  • Kenny LATUNDE-DADA (Labour Party)

West Chesterton [view responses]:

  • Stephen Martin LINTOTT (Green Party)
  • Mike SARGEANT (Labour Party)

Camcycle is a non-partisan body. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to submit their views. Information published by Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign), The Bike Depot, 140 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DL.