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Question 18 - we asked:

The Grand Arcade should have had over 500 spaces by planning condition, but only 230 public spaces were provided, and these are now regularly full. What do you propose to do about this if elected?

We asked this question only in Market.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Alexandra COLLIS
(Green Party)

If elected I would push for the original commitment to the full 500 spaces to be met, with the introduction of additional spaces elsewhere. I would support the reintroduction of some (limited) spaces in areas such as Fishers Square.

Andrea Curti REINER
(Liberal Democrat)

At this point I think it unlikely that the owners of Grand Arcade would be willing to make more cycle parking available, therefore alternative locations must be found. Fisher Square, as noted above, should be considered.

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