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Question 9 - we asked:

Do you have any other general cycling-related comments or points?

We asked this question in all 16 wards, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, East Chesterton, Girton, Histon & Impington, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Trumpington, West Chesterton.

33 of the 71 candidates (46%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Conservative Party)

As the conservative candidate for Romsey my key concerns for cycling are, safer cycling over the mill road and coldham's lane railway bridges, safer cycling (and better bike parking) along mill road, brooks road and coldhams lane, and better cycling to the community focal points, mill road and vinery road shops, St Philips school, Brookfields, Sainsburys and the TA centre, and our churches and post offices.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

Conservatives welcome the extra cycling opportunities presented by the Guided Bus, with pedestrian and cycle facilities running alongside the busway.

It sometimes seems that planning for cyclists does not reflect the real needs of cyclists and Conservatives in Cambridge would seek to change that.

Donald Fisher DOUGLAS
(Conservative Party)

A renewed campaign to educate people to cycle more safely and considerately.

Peter Norman HASE
(Conservative Party)

My views are covered by the responses above. In general, the City Council is ineffective and weak with cycling issues and I am certain that adding new people, that are not alligned to the Liberal Democrat tired leadership, will do a great deal to move us forward. An example is the failed attempt to target bike theft in Trumpington over the last 12 months and the fact that this is still seen as a priority displays the failure.

Christopher John HOWELL
(Conservative Party)

I have been a member of Cambridge Cycle Campaign for several years, and almost of my journeys within Cambridge are by bike so I am keen to see improvements for cyclists.

(Conservative Party)

I am a cyclists and cycle in the City. My priority is safety. I'd like to see that cyclists and pedestrians are safe to use our Market Ward streets and the right balance is struck.

Steven James MASTIN
(Conservative Party)

Keep at it. I wholeheartedly support your campaign to promote and improve cycling facilities in Cambridge.

Keith Alexander GARRETT
(Green Party)

There needs to be a complete rethink about how the city functions. Not only will fuel prices continue to increase but we have been living in a city overrun by cars for too long. The car is not an efficient way to move around the large number of people we need to move around in Cambridge.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

a) Train Highways officials and installation contractors in the art of building good cycle infrastructure.
Whole of host of design issues:
a2) Design of cycle-parking in new-build schemes is often dreadful
a3) Check that cycle-trailers, etc can get thru chicanes
b) Get rid of right-angle bends in cycle-paths (eg at roundabouts)
b2) Pedestrian crossings: please can we stop forcing cyclists thru' these (usually on rt-angle bends). Eg crossing+associated path between Gonville Place-Mill Rd is hopeless; also Trumpington PnR site.

c) More dropped (level!) kerbs to allow transition between on- and off-road lanes
d) get rid of cobble-stones between Trinity St and Kings Parade (perhaps a 'Cycle-lane' could be constructed out of smooth paving bricks of a different colour). The cobbles need attention ayway, now is a good time.

Specific to Castle Ward:
'Back entrance' to Castle Court from St Lukes St: although this is not public right of way, that doesn't stop improvements being made. Keep the gate, but put a longer, more gradual ramp, and do away with steps.

Teal Richard RILEY
(Green Party)

Improved cycle parking at work places and in the City, Sheffield-style cycle frames to secure your bike to and sheltered parking.

Margaret Elizabeth WRIGHT
(Green Party)

I think Cambridge needs to stress the inclusiveness of cycling (for everyone)

Congratulations on your objection ot the non-opening of teh Grand Arcade cycle park (vivited it and found it grim/unsafe. I would not be prepared to use it.
Cycle theft is no joke.I'm not sure that finding lost bikes if being given enough priority. If cars were stolen at this rate it would be CENews headlines! But those of us who rely on bikes find it just as bad.Extra comment...my first effort went down at the end..so am submitting without checking in case this is repeated!

James Christopher YOUD
(Green Party)

I would like to see the whole image of cycling improved.
Often it is let down by careless and dangerous cyclists, who I know are the minority.
I would also like to see the implementation of a transpot pyramid with pesdestrians and cyclists at the top and sebsequent transport spending and strategy taking this as gospel. Hence not spending simply on new car-provision and infact in the long term decreasing car-provision.
This is the only way that we can tackle both climate change and congestion that plauges far too many of our cities.

Douglas DE LACEY

I'm an active member of the Cycling Campaign and I am constantly looking for ways to improve the lot of the Girton cyclist. I don't expect that to change if I am elected to SCDC!


Improvements for cyclists urgently needed at the following junctions:

- Oxford Rd/Huntingdon Rd access
- Storey's Way/Huntingdon Road
- Storey's Way/Madingley Rd
- Madingley Rd/North Cambridge site
- Cycle paths along Huntingdon Rd, Madingley Rd, Histon Rd (reduce speed limit along these roads for starters)
- Girton Rd junction off Huntingdon Rd
- Bridge Street and particularly area outside Magdalene College should be free of buses, taxis and all vehicles. Evidence of accidents and near misses for cyclists and pedestrians should support this.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

Whilst promoting more and safer cycling, we must expect cyclists to be courteous to pedestrians and other road/pavement users. Dual-use pavements can be problematic.

(Labour Party)

I am of the Luddite tendency which dislikes doing business like this on-line, which may account for the slightly irritable tone of my response

Robert Paul DRYDEN
(Labour Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Labour Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
William Lawrance REDFERN
(Labour Party)

Cambridge is famed for its cyclists and the image of the cyclist goes hand in hand with the image of Cambridge. As such it is crucial that we continue to encourage and protect cycling in Cambridge.

(Labour Party)

More cycle training for visiting summer students and encourage bike hire companies to use more bikes with dynamo lights or to provide batteries for lights.

(Labour Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Liberal Democrat)

I do not own a car and have never driven a car in my life. This is a conscious decision. I depend entirely on my feet, public transport, and my cycle to get around. Although I was knocked off my bike six years ago, I refused to change my ways, and now use an electrically-assisted bike.  I am not advocating anti-car position because I can see the necessity of cars for many people. However, If I am elected I will consider the reduction of car usage in Cambridge as one of my core issues.

(Liberal Democrat)

The Campaign seems to be making a very constructive contribution to the city's transport debate and, if elected, I would look out for your views and suggestions.

Valerie HOLT
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, we must promote cycling as an attractive alternative to the car...faster, cheaper, better in town and more fun out of town. Fun cycles to work on local beauty spots such as Girton Woods, which need an overhaul and which won't happen without communal action and less law breaking as you have identified on your web-site...although how you encourage this amongst the visiting community I don't know.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

I regard advisory cycle lanes (such as are on Gilbert Road) as actively dangerous, and would prefer *no* cycle lane in most cases. All these advisory lanes do is give both cyclists and drivers a false sense of safety so that cyclists swerving out round parked cars catch car drivers by surprise. Is there anywhere in the city where they make cycling safer?

Vanessa Ann KELLY
(Liberal Democrat)

With a few exceptions, cycling infrastructure between Cambridge and the necklace villages is poor and urgently needs upgrading. Within Histon and Impington, there are an abundance of danger spots - these need to be eradicated if car use is to go down. Pollution and the problem of rat-running HGVs needs to be addressed too!

Jennifer Susan LIDDLE
(Liberal Democrat)

I am a regular cyclist. I commute to work by a combination of bicycle and bus, and I cycle to and from the city centre. I'm well aware of the problems that cyclists face on a daily basis.

Neil Michael MCGOVERN
(Liberal Democrat)

I'd like to re-affirm my strong support for Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and thank the group for it's efforts in the area. I'm happy to meet and talk further with any member, or the group as a whole to help bring your views to the forefront of the Councils' considerations.

(Liberal Democrat)

Cambridge is fortunate to have a pressure group of the quality and calibre of CCC. Your voice is principally that of the experienced, confident cyclist. You need to check that you are also aware of the perspective of the under confident and infrequent cyclists.

Elizabeth PARKIN
(Liberal Democrat)

I support the measures the Lib Dems are taking to improve the facilities for cycling in the city. I also think the Cambridge Cycling Campaign does very valuable work, bringing forward good and challenging ideas for further improvement.

I am also interested in the potential of car clubs to reduce dependence on cars and car ownership in a central location such as Petersfield. Membership of a car club can combine well with cycling and walking to give people flexible transport options without having quite so many cars parked on our streets.

(Liberal Democrat)

Thank you very much for all the work you do at the Cycling Campaign. It is a very impressive organisation whose expertise makes a real impact on the city.

Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

I am proud to be a member of the Cycling Campaign and think its campaigning is excellent. Your newsletter and its photographs are extremely impressive! Thank you for all that you do to promote and encourage cycling in Cambridge.

(Liberal Democrat)

I believe that the County Council's prioritisation of pot-hole repair should consider whether the pot-hole is in the leftmost 2m of the road, and this should cause the repair to be escalated to a higher priority because of the increased risk to cyclists. Similar criteria should apply to preventing standing water.

The County Council also needs to work with statutory undertakers to replace metal inspection covers with high-traction surfaces at bends and junctions.

The County Council should re-word the currently unenforceable Traffic Regulation Order which prohibits cycling on the Roman Road (Worsted Street). I believe it ought to be changed so that only Motor vehicles are prohibited.

I believe that the cycle lane infrastructure in Cherry Hinton needs to be reviewed and improved, as in my opinion, it is currently a bit of a mess.

I would like to see the speed limit on Limekiln Road reduced from 60mph to 30mph and a width limit of 6'6" (except for access to premises) put in place to make this road safer for all road users including cyclists.

I am a member of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and was a member of London Cycling Campaign when I lived in the London Borough of Redbridge. I regularly cycle from my home in Abbey ward to my workplace in Cherry Hinton ward.

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