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Question 8 - we asked:

We favour the removal of car parking on at least one side of Trumpington Road outside the Botanic Gardens. The current cycle lanes in the 'dooring zone' alongside parked cars endanger cyclists and are against government policy. Our proposal would allow wider cycle lanes and a buffer zone between the parked cars and the cycle lanes to protect cyclists from opened car doors . Do you support this?

We asked this question only in Trumpington.

2 of the 4 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Peter Norman HASE
(Conservative Party)

In general terms, yes. I use this road a great deal (both by car, cycle and motorcycle) and agree fully that there is a real problem.

(Liberal Democrat)

No. In my daily experience, and talking to other local cyclists, I do not believe this is a serious problem here. There is a clearly marked red cycle lane, and it is fairly easy to keep an eye out for people about to get out of their cars, if you don't cycle too fast.

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