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Question 20 - we asked:

What support have you given for cycling and walking, or sustainable transport more generally, in the past?

We asked this question in these 3 wards: Abbey, Newnham, Petersfield.

6 of the 12 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

I have advocated improved cycle parking and an approach to provision for cyclists that reflects the real needs of cyclists and not just the assumptions of traffic planners that lead to the wrong kinds of cycle lanes and cycle paths.

Margaret Elizabeth WRIGHT
(Green Party)

I don't own a car/drive. Have to live on good public transport/cycle routes. This is a conscious decision. I think it is fundamental.User of rail transport. As lead Green candidate in Eastern Region set example by rarely using private car throughout region-wide campaign. Have pressed for better cycle-on-train provision. Member of CCCapmpaign for several years (check it!) In close touch through European Green Party with local and national Green elected politicians who are introducing sustainable tranport initiatives. Changes in funding crucial so more money released to local level. Moter-way building should stop. Stress needs to be on local roads.

(Labour Party)

Campaigned with other Petersfield councillors for separation and increased safety of pedestrians and cyclists at crossings Gonville Place (successful), East Rd (unsuccessful so far) and Newmarket Rd (delayed till development of Eastern Court). Secured current calming measures in Norfolk St (late 90s) and improved street lighting in Mill Rd (2000) and Elizabeth Way roundabout (2008). Campaigned against contraflow cycling in Petersfield streets which is leading to seriously hazardous behaviour by cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

William Lawrance REDFERN
(Labour Party)

The only form of transport I reguarly use in Cambridge is walking or cycling and therefore I very much appreciate how important cycling is in Cambridge and how important it is that we continue to encourage and protect cycling.

Elizabeth PARKIN
(Liberal Democrat)

As a new candidate, I personally have not been in a position to achieve improvements up to now. The Lib Dems in Cambridge have invested in improvements for cycling, have supported two-way cycling on one-way streets, are supporting the Cycle Demonstration City bid and are appointing a Cycling Champion for the next political year.

(Liberal Democrat)

I have supported as follows
- continued investment in cycling improvements
- arguing for 2 way cycling on 1 way streets with some success
- arguing successfully for lifting city centre cycling ban
- supporting Cycle Demonstration City bid
- supporting staff to review planning applications carefully for cycle
- cycle promotions eg the shopping trolley and Park Street cycle park
- member of Cycling Campaign

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