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Question 15 - we asked:

At present, permitted car parking in cycle lanes on Gilbert Road makes cycling unpleasant and unsafe in an area through which thousands of school children travel daily. Given that virtually all houses have their own off-road car parking, would you support the replacement of the on-road parking on Gilbert Road with on-road red mandatory cycle lanes?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Arbury, West Chesterton.

4 of the 9 candidates (44%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Steven James MASTIN
(Conservative Party)

Yes, in principle. I should like to see the area for myself before committing wholeheartedly.

(Labour Party)

Any solution for Gilbert Road needs to meet the needs of all road users and residents. The road has for instance many schools feeding on to it - 3 directly. There is a danger that the road would be seen to be even more of a through road with this proposal and might encourage faster traffic. A scheme is therefore needed which reduces the speed of the traffic and creates an environment where all users and residents can co-exist. The County Council have prioritised Gilbert Road for action, due to the high accident level and provided a budget, but with the ward County Councillor have been unable to deliver a solution.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

No. The Gilbert Road cycle deathtraps -- sorry, cycle lanes -- have been a diplomatic nightmare for successive councillors over the decades, and no one has come up with a solution that pleases anybody, never mind everybody. The key word in the question is "virtually"; not all houses along Gilbert Road have off-road parking, and there are spots where there is quite a stretch of houses that have no other parking than the street.

My favorite solution (as in something I could see working, even if I don't like all the implications) is a variation on something former councillor Maurice Leeke proposed a few years ago; either widening the pavement to include a cycle path, or putting a cycle path where the grass verges currently are, on both sides of the road. The big problem with that is that there are a lot of lighting columns and trees in the way, and I don't particularly want to lose the trees and the grass!

(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, and believe this could be introduced relatively quickly and inexpensively. I would however be interested in the evaluation of hybrid options (see above).

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