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Question 11 - we asked:

Some cyclists have told us they feel unsafe riding on the main road through Girton village, because of the volume of traffic, the level of on-street parking and the lack of cycle lanes. Do you support restrictions on car parking, and improved cycling infrastructure, in this area?

We asked this question only in Girton.

2 of the 5 candidates (40%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Teal Richard RILEY
(Green Party)

Girton is not a good village for cycling through. The introduction of island speed bumps encourages drivers to cut back into the cyclist's 'path' in an attempt to 'straddle' the speed bump. The provision of the cycle path by pass at Girton Corner is laughable. It is effectively redundant at peak times because traffic hugs the left kerb since the T-junction was reshaped to accommodate traffic turning left and right, so most cyclists end up on the pavement. And when the route can be used it often bring cyclists in to the rear of a stationary bus at the adjacent bus stop. A classic case of a waste of Council money on a route where there must have been negligible consultation with what cyclists' required. I have lobbied Andrew Lansley and the Council to provide alternative cycle routes out of Girton so Girton Corner could be avoided altogether.

Douglas DE LACEY

I'm not aware that car parking on the main road is an issue (except at the Co-Op, where I have already suggested some improvements; eg the Co-Op now uses smaller vehicles for deliveries to Girton) but am continuing to campaign for a re-design of Girton Corner and an improved infrastructure generally. The path referred to in Q1 will permit many cyclists to avoid Girton Corner altogether.

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