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Question 13 - we asked:

We favour the removal of car parking on at least one side of Trumpington Road outside the Botanic Gardens. The current lanes are against government policy, as they are in the 'dooring zone'. Our proposal would allow wider cycle lanes and a buffer zone to protect cyclists from opened car doors . Do you support this?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Petersfield, Trumpington.

8 of the 8 candidates (100%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Peter Norman HASE
(Conservative Party)

This is again right on my doorstep and I fully understand your points. I am not in favour of the removal of the parking - mainly because the Botanic Gardens and surrounding area are key sites for visitors and they need to park somewhere. The isssue of a "dooring zone" affects motobikes too by the way. I favour the Hull example and would hope that this could be provided in the Trumpington Road area.

James Andrew MARTIN
(Conservative Party)

This is certainly something I would approach with an open and favourable mind. It would be helpful if the council were to conduct a proper review of the situation and see if a compromise could be reached which was more favourable to both cyclists and motorists than the status quo .

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

I support this proposal. I would like to see a raised cycle path on the same side as the botanic gardens and better separation between cyclists and pedestrians on the cycle path on other side of the road in order to better protect pedestrians in this area of joint use. The parking ban would be most effective on the opposite side to the gardens as car drivers tend to get out of cars onto the pavement, unaware that cyclists may be coming behind them.
Part two of question re: wider cycle lanes and buffer zones
Yes. This is Green Party policy in Cambridge and is in our Manifesto for Cambridge

Shayne Mary MITCHELL
(Green Party)


Pamela Mary STACEY
(Labour Party)

This is something I have never understood, perhaps the people who came up with the idea never cycle. Only yesterday I saw a cyclist having to pull out into the traffic out of the 'safety' of the cycle lane as a door was being opened. As you will see I have already made comments about the need for wider cycle lanes.

(Labour Party)

This area is well outside my ward so I will refrain from commenting specifically.

However, as you will have gathered from my previous remarks, I think it is important to buffer cyclists from opening car doors where possible.

(Liberal Democrat)

Being myself neither a car-driver nor a cyclist, I spoke with cycling friends about this, and found that they reacted very differently to this proposal. Clearly it is a complex issue, and one I need to discuss more widely.

Steven Robert COOPER
(Liberal Democrat)

It is risky for cyclists to be passing close to parked vehicles, not least because of the danger of vehicle doors opening. This kind of risk is taken by cyclists in almost every street in Cambridge, but here the presence of a dedicated cycle lane might give the cyclist a false sense of security. Without a detailed knowledge of all the circumstances, I can’t give a firm answer as to whether removing parking is the answer, but as Trumpington Road is a strategic cycle route I favour making it as safe as possible for cyclists.

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