Two people on bikes

We hope that Cycling 2020 has helped demonstrate what could be done for cycling in Cambridge. We suggested a range of projects, chief amongst them the Chisholm Trail, that need to be undertaken in order to transform cycling by 2020.

Whilst all road users encounter problems of various sorts on the roads, it is cycling and walking which, unlike driving, we should be trying to increase. For this reason alone, it makes sense to allocate real resources – particularly road space – to cycling.

Furthermore, with the right kind of promotion, putting resources into cycling should be popular with car drivers, because it benefits their journeys too.

We need to aspire to the standards of Holland and other continental areas in raising the profile and status of cycling. Through investment of time and money, and a change in current mindsets, Cambridge can get ever more people on their bikes, and to make things easier and more pleasant for those who are already cycling.

Please take a look round the wide range of resources on our website. We have thousands of images, articles and other resources and briefings, which further demonstrate the problems – but also solutions – for cycling in Cambridge.

We invite your comments and look forward to working with the whole range of stakeholders in Cambridge and its surrounding area, to make Cycling 2020 a reality.