Become a Camcycle trustee

Camcycle – the Cambridge Cycling Campaign – is a registered charity. We work for better, safer and more cycling for all ages and abilities in and around Cambridge as a public benefit.

All charities must have a board of trustees. The Camcycle board carries overall responsibility for ensuring that the charity is working towards its charitable aims and that assets (financial, reputational and people) are safeguarded for the ongoing sustainability of the charity. The day-to-day running of the charity is delegated to the CEO and staff; however the nature of our work and limited resources mean that trustees may also take a more hands on role to support our work, for example by encouraging Camcycle members to get involved through volunteering. Each year, at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January, members elect trustees for the upcoming year. The board can also choose to co-opt additional trustees throughout the year, in line with our charity’s constitution.

As Camcycle continues to grow in size, influence and capability and to benefit from a range of governance and systems improvements implemented over the last few years, now is a great time to get involved as a trustee. We welcome expressions of interest for all trustee roles. You don’t have to have had any previous experience of being a trustee, leadership or working with a charity; you just have to be keen to support us vision for a thriving and sustainable region of healthy, happy people where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

In 2023/24, we are particularly keen to diversify our Board of Trustees. Increased diversity in our trustee board will help us to close our skills gaps as well as bring fresh eyes and perspectives to our campaign. It will help ensure that we are better connected to the various communities in Cambridge and beyond where we are trying to make a difference. Making more connections to more communities will empower more people to become campaigners and work for better, safer and more cycling.

In this video, our CEO and three of our 2020 board members give an insight into the role of trustees.

What are the posts?

Current trustees

There are three statutory positions in the charity: Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

There are also other trustees who are members, taking the board to a maximum of 15.


The Chair acts as the ‘figurehead’ of the Campaign. Their role is to drive forward our strategy, both in terms of campaigning and our structures. Working with the other trustees and our CEO, the Chair will make sure that the Campaign puts forward the best possible approach for improving cycling in Cambridge and ensure that we have the organisational capability to deliver this.


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring we meet our legal obligations such as reporting to the Charity Commission, including preparation and submission of our annual report. They also work on our organisational policies (as opposed to campaigning policies) to ensure we are compliant with various requirements. It’s also part of the Secretary’s role to reach out to new constituencies and build alliances, ensure that sub­groups work effectively, seek to increase the involvement of members in our campaigning, and maintain the non- party ­political status of the Campaign.


The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring and reporting on our finances and ensuring they are properly managed. The role also entails some bookkeeping work and raising invoices as well as tasks related to the Campaign’s charitable status, such as liaising with HMRC to reclaim Gift Aid, completing a tax return and contributing a financial statement to the Trustees’ annual report to the Charity Commission. Over the last few years we have rationalised the tasks required of the Treasurer and created a finance team to help with the work including payroll, invoicing and transaction reconciliation. The Treasurer works closely with our Executive Director to ensure our growth remains financially sustainable. We now use the cloud-based accounting software Xero which integrates with our custom-built cloud-based membership system, Cameo.


A Trustee is responsible for the ensuring that the charity carries out its purposes for the public benefit, that we act in the charity’s best interests, and that we manage the charity’s resources responsibly. We are especially keen for people with skills in legal, human resources, people management, and fundraising (particularly corporate and relationship fundraising) to join the trustee board.

Please get in touch at any time throughout the year to find out more or download our nomination form.