Station Planning Brief

As reported in Newsletter 41, the City Council have appointed consultants to draw up a new Planning Brief for the station area.

A new Planning Brief is needed to take account of:

  • Greater commitment by government to the promotion of cycling
  • Plans for increased rail traffic from Cambridge and for the building of an island platform accessible from the station and from Rustat Road.
  • The expected availability of the Rank Hovis mill site for redevelopment.
  • Plans for a guided busway from Trumpington to the station and on into town via Station Road.

Following a workshop in April 2002, Cambridge Cycling Campaign wrote to the consultants, City Council planners and lots of councillors, setting out our aspirations for the area.

We said:

  • Cyclists need much improved access routes to the station.
  • Cyclists need much improved modern cycle parking and cycle facilities near to the station entrance.

You can also read the full letter. There will be a summary on the June/July newsletter.