All change at Cambridge Station

This article was published in 2002, in Newsletter 41.

In 1999, Cambridge City Council prepared a ‘planning brief’ for the station area. This was followed by a planning application submitted by Railtrack (see Newsletter 32). We reported in December 2001 that the possible closure of Spillers Mill, amongst other things, meant that a rethink was likely.

A second attempt at the redevelopment of the station really must make more room for bikes. Image as described adjacent

Now, consultants have been appointed to create a new planning brief. This will take into account the availability of the Spillers Mill site, the need for extra platform capacity including island platforms, the possibility of the Guided Bus, and links to the rapidly changing former Cattle Market site. ‘Key Stakeholders’, including representatives from the Cycling Campaign, have been invited to a consultation meeting. The transport consultants involved with the Railtrack planning application in August 2000 failed to take cycle and pedestrian access into account, even though some 60% of arrivals are by these modes. We hope this new planning brief will lay more emphasis on access by sustainable modes of transport.

Jim Chisholm

Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent
A long held aspiration is for more platforms where the sidings are at present. Lack of platform capacity limits the expansion of train services. Including Spillers’ Mill in the Station redevelopment will give more scope for improvement.