Safe cycling on the Busway path

The busway path is a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians, but at busy times the southern section between Cambridge station and Addenbrooke’s is often overcrowded. Tragically, two people – Steve Moir and Kathleen Pitts – have already lost their lives here. Safety improvements are essential and Camcycle has explored some solutions.

Photoshop montage showing a way to widen the Busway path near Cambridge Assessment, to provide separate areas for cyclists and pedestrians.

Increased housing development around Trumpington and the construction of a new station at Cambridge South will bring increased numbers of users to the path in the coming years. To increase both safety and capacity, we’d like to see:

  • A 500mm margin between the Busway and the path instead of the hazardous kerb
  • A widening of the path to allow separate space for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improved junctions at Long Road and the Addenbrooke’s Spur

Read more about our ideas in this draft briefing document.

You can also find out more about this issue from our 2021 blogpost, the interview we did with ITV News Anglia and this article from our Winter 2019 magazine.


High view of the southern Busway and path in Cambridge

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