Local candidates share views on transport in Camcycle’s General Election survey

Camcycle has published local Parliamentary candidates’ responses to a General Election survey focused on cycling and transport issues. Since 2007, the Cambridgeshire-based charity has been hosting surveys for local and national elections to help inform local voters, enable candidates to share their views and raise awareness of the policies needed to improve sustainable transport choice. Questions are compiled with the help of Camcycle’s members and the support of partner groups across the county.

The General Election survey has attracted responses from candidates in each of the eight different Parliamentary constituencies in the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough region. The same questions have been put to each candidate, asking about active travel funding, embedding sustainable travel in new developments and the need for an integrated transport strategy that reduces car dependency and helps the UK meet targets on climate, cost-of-living, road safety and health.

Anna Williams, Head of Campaigns and Engagement at Camcycle, said:

With a disappointing lack of detail on active travel policies in national manifestos, it’s been extremely useful to gather the thoughts of local candidates on how they would work to improve transport if elected. Local people tell us how useful our election surveys are for informing their votes and we’re pleased to see that many other transport groups across the country have been inspired by our work and are using similar tools in their campaigns.”

Camcycle is a non-partisan body and gives all candidates an equal opportunity to submit their views. It urges all candidates who have not yet taken part to get in touch to receive their unique survey code.

Voters can view candidates’ responses to the Camcycle election survey at camcycle.org.uk/elections