Help Camcycle deliver active travel magic by doubling your donation with the Big Give

Camcycle's Infrastructure Campaigner Josh Grantham conjuring up some active travel magic thanks to your Zero Carbon Streets donationsCamcycle is delighted to be taking part in the 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge, the seasonal match-funding campaign that supports over 1,000 charities across the UK. The local cycling charity is asking Cambridgeshire residents to help them create ‘active travel magic’ in 2024 as it supports community groups to develop schemes that enable more people to walk, wheel and cycle in their neighbourhoods. Camcycle is aiming to raise £25,000 for this work and donations made between midday on Tuesday 28 November and midday on Tuesday 5 December will be doubled thanks to the Big Give. Supporters can access the donation page at

The charity is raising money for Zero Carbon Streets, a project that is already delivering results in communities across the county. Cambridgeshire County Council recently agreed to allocate funding for a feasibility study and consultation for a cycle route in Fenland following campaigning by local parents with the support of Camcycle. The plan is to connect the communities of Guyhirn and March and increase educational, employment and leisure opportunities for Fenland families.

Camcycle supports Fenland Parent Power as they meet Mayor Dr Nik Johnson in March in November 2023
Camcycle supports Fenland Parent Power as they meet Mayor Dr Nik Johnson in March in November 2023

Harry Twohig is Communities Officer at The Brilliant Club, a charity working to expand access to university in collaboration with local parent groups. He said:

Fenland Parent Power has been running a campaign for a safe cycling route to connect Guyhirn to March and we’ve been really grateful for the support that Camcycle has given us in testing the feasibility and working to make the route happen. People often wonder what education and cycle routes have in common, but we really care about connecting local communities and making sure that our parents in Guyhirn and in March can reach universities in Cambridge, in Peterborough and in the surrounding area as well as being able to access educational opportunities in school. Safe and sustainable cycling has a lot to do with that.”

Within Cambridge, Camcycle has supported groups including Arbury Road East Residents’ Association. Chair Rosalind Lund said:

Arbury Road is a very busy road, and we’re keen to calm the traffic down and make it a more pleasant experience for cyclists and pedestrians. Camcycle is currently helping with a campaign to have a zebra crossing installed. Their advice and support are much appreciated: without their help we would not have got as far as we have in thinking it through. When you donate via the Big Give Christmas Challenge, it’s not just appreciated by Camcycle, but by all the organisations that work with them.”

Camcycle’s Communications and Community Officer, Anna Williams, said:

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming at times, but Camcycle is passionate about the difference local groups can make. Simple things like new pedestrian crossings and cycle links transform people’s journeys, giving them more sustainable transport choices and bringing benefits to the surrounding areas. Not only will donations made to Camcycle during the Christmas Challenge period be doubled by the Big Give, they will also have a lasting impact within the communities served by the groups we support to achieve change. It’s the ideal opportunity to support grassroots action on transport.”

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