Statement on cycling in the snow and ice in Cambridge

A cyclist riding on a shared-use path in North Cambridge which is covered in snowCycling and walking can be particularly difficult in the ice and snow and many people are finding the current conditions in Cambridge hard. Some are isolated from going out at all and others are finding the paths slippery and dangerous to use. We know that the county council has used its gritting quad bike on sections of key active travel routes such as the Busway path and Chisholm Trail but we have been told that the treatment is proving less effective than usual owing to the prolonged period of below-freezing temperatures.

As laid out in our Maintenance of Cycle Routes and Facilities policy, Camcycle would like to see a winter maintenance schedule that allows people to continue to cycle around the city safely in snowy and icy weather. As walking and cycling are at the top of the road hierarchy (and most drivers and bus passengers will also be walking as part of their journey), investment in appropriate vehicles and methods is needed to keep footways and cycleways as clear and useable as the main road network.

Snow should be completely cleared from paths and roads that are priority cycle routes; this should include the side streets (up to and including modal filters) which may be secondary roads for drivers but are part of the primary network for cycles. Particular attention should be given to junctions and corners, as these are higher risk locations for people cycling. On main roads, segregated and off-road cycleways should not be narrowed or endangered by ploughed snow removed from the carriageway.

When riding in wintry weather, you can improve your safety and comfort by keeping your cycle well-maintained, layering your clothing and choosing good gloves, keeping your speed low and riding in the cleared sections of main roads, away from the gutter. Find more advice on winter cycling at