Ways to have your say on transport this October

If you have a few minutes to spare and want to help shape a more sustainable region with better transport choices for all, there are a series of consultations you can take part in this month. We particularly urge you to take part in the consultation on the Sustainable Travel Zone and will have a fuller consultation guide available later in the month.

Cambridge Sustainable Travel Zone consultation

GCP Making Connections consultation booklet coverName of consultation: GCP Making Connections 2022
(shortlink: tinyurl.com/STZ-survey)

From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership

Format: Online survey OR email consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk  OR attend one of the in-person events mentioned on the consultation website.

Deadline: Midday on 23 December.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is proposing to transform the bus network and invest in other sustainable transport schemes, such as better walking and cycling infrastructure, through the introduction of a Sustainable Travel Zone to promote the use of active travel and public transport. Once improvements were in place, road charging would be introduced to provide funding for the continuation of the better bus services and futher improvements to sustainable travel.

View a summary of the plans in the consultation booklet and find more information on the consultation website.

Camcycle’s views:
We support proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge, but it is also essential that we speak out loudly for the changes needed to walking and cycling infrastructure and public transport which must be delivered at speed over the next few years. We are working with members to provide a response guide to this consultation. If you are short of time, the key question is Question 9 – we recommend that you choose Strongly Support or Support. Questions 6 and 7 relate to cycling improvements; other questions cover the bus and road charging proposals. Only question 29 is obligatory (state whether you’re an individual or business), but we encourage you to also fill in questions 20, 31 and 32 (postcode, name, email address) to emphasise the authenticity of your reponse.


Melbourn Greenway: safer active travel from Cambridge to Royston

Cover of Melbourn consultation leafletName of consultation: GCP Melbourn Greenway
(shortlink: tinyurl.com/MelbournGW)

From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership

Format: Online survey OR download and print the Word version and send to Greater Cambridge Partnership, PO Box 1493, Mandela House, 4 Regent Street, Cambridge CB1 0YR.

If you have any difficulty with the online survey, you may also e-mail consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk with your response directly.

Deadline: Midday on Friday 28 October

The Greater Cambridge Greenways aim to “provide attractive and safer walking, cycling and, where appropriate, horse riding routes, between the city and its surrounding communities. Proposals for the Melbourn Greenway cover 12.5km of improvements on a route running south-west from Cambridge linking Trumpington, a new “Cambridge South West Travel Hub”, Hauxton, Harston, Foxton, Foxton Travel Hub, Melbourn Science Park and Melbourn with additional links to Haslingfield, Shepreth, Meldreth and Royston.

View a summary of the plans in the consultation booklet or download the full set of technical drawings from the consultation website.

Camcycle’s views:
We are working with members to scrutinise the plans and provide a more detailed guide to this consultation. Key points are that the A505 walking and cycling bridge to Royston is absolutely essential, greater priority for pedestrians and cyclists should be provided through the villages (e.g. with wider footways and continuous ‘Copenhagen-style’ crossings) and there should be a link from the proposed Harston off-road path to the new South-West Travel Hub and existing route into Trumpington.


Active Travel Strategy for Cambridgeshire

Cover of Cambs Active Travel Strategy (draft)Name of consultation: Active Travel Strategy for Cambridgeshire
(shortlink: tinyurl.com/ATS-Cambs

From: Cambridgeshire County Council

Format: Online survey OR speak to staff/complete a survey at one of the public events listed on the consultation website.

Deadline: Monday 7 November

The county council say that its new active travel strategy “aims to make active travel the ‘go to’ option for local journeys”. The document is a child document of the region’s Local Transport and Connectivity Plan which was consulted on earlier in the year. It also aligns with the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan which presents details of which schemes across the county should be prioritised for delivery. Following consultation, the council says a programme of schemes for future funding bids and delivery will be finalised, and published in spring 2023.

Find out more on the consultation website, where you can also download a pdf of the Draft Active Travel Strategy for Cambridgeshire.

Note that consultations on the overall transport strategies for Huntingdonshire and Fenland districts are also taking place at the same time as this one.

Camcycle’s views:
We agree with many of the proposed policies in this document. We suggest that there are some that are missing: based on our campaigning experience and feedback from local groups, we’d like to see policies added on Lighting, Safe Junctions, Integration with Public Transport, Cycle Parking, Wayfinding and Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods.


Milton Road area Resident Parking Scheme

Name of consultation: GCP Milton Road area resident parking scheme

From: The Greater Cambridge Partnership

Format: Online survey OR you can share your comments by phone, by emailing consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk or request a printed copy of the survey. Find out more on the consultation website.

Note that the survey is for residents of the proposed Resident Parking Scheme area  – only one submission is allowed per household. If an additional member of the household wishes to comment, or if you reside outside the RPS area, you should send comments by email to consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk.

Deadline: Midday on Monday 14 November

In June, the GCP published the results of their overall consultation on parking in Cambridge.  Their future vision for parking in the city includes an aim to focus ‘on rebalancing parking provision across the city to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport for all or part of their journey’. As part of this goal, the programme of Residents’ Parking Schemes which had been paused has been restarted, and the Milton Road area is the first to go to consultation.

Find out more on the consultation website, where you can also download a series of maps of the proposed scheme.

Camcycle’s views:
Residents’ Parking Schemes are one way local authorities can manage parking as part of a wider strategic traffic management plan. Reducing free parking for commuters and visitors helps shift journeys to other modes such as active and public transport. The location of residents’ parking bays can also be arranged to free up more roadspace for people walking and cycling, including space for on-street secure cycle parking. We encourage Milton Road area residents to respond to this consultation using Question 14 (Do you have any further comments regarding the proposed parking plans?) to ask why Question 9 assumes each household owns at least one registered motor vehicle and why there are no questions on cycle ownership or on-street cycle parking. Wherever you live, please email consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk to ask for consultations that do not exclude those who don’t own motor vehicles and to call for investment in on-street secure cycle parking. If you live in the Milton Road area, we encourage you to include details of the cycles you would like to store, particularly if they include larger or adapted cycles such as cargo bikes.

We also note that the residents’ parking scheme includes a proposal to replace parking at the eastern end of Arbury Road with a painted advisory cycle lane. This is not compliant with LTN 1/20 and will not provide the safe, inclusive conditions necessary to allow people of all ages and abilities to feel comfortable cycling here. Arbury Road needs a thorough refresh through a scheme with significant funding, for example the modal filter that was proposed for this location or another solution with protected infrastructure.


Enforcement of moving traffic offences – Downing Street trial

Name of consultation: Consultation on the enforcement location for moving traffic offences

From: Cambridgeshire County Council

Format: Online survey OR email your response to policyandregulation@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Deadline: Midnight on Wednesday 2 November

Cambridgeshire County Council will soon have the opportunity to apply for new civil powers to enforce moving traffic regulations under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA). Read more about what this means for cyclists in this article by Jim Chisholm.

The council needs to first trial and consult on measures in an area with civil parking enforcement (Cambridge) where ANPR cameras could be used. The location they have chosen is Downing Street where there is no left turn except for buses, taxis and cycles. This site has been chosen “due to historical reports of poor compliance of the current traffic rules in the area and the potential impact on safety from contraventions due to the high level of pedestrian, cycle, bus and taxis movements.”

Find out more on the county council’s website. The survey asks whether you think there is anything the council should consider before deciding whether to apply civil enforcement measures at this location and if you have any other comments on the proposal.

Camcycle’s views:
We strongly welcome the county council’s application to the Department for Transport for powers under the Traffic Management Act Part 6. We would like to see this trial proceed as quickly as possible so that the application can continue and the powers can be implemented next year.