CycleStreets’ modal filter project proves that low-traffic neighbourhoods aren’t new

Many low-traffic neighbourhoods already exist across the country, but they’ve never been mapped before. At our November monthly meeting, Martin and Simon from CycleStreets, a local not-for-profit social enterprise, shared the work they’ve been doing on a UK-wide analysis of modal filters (bollards, gates, cycle contraflows etc), with Cambridge as one of the main areas of study.

Although cycle routing is the CycleStreets team’s specialism, for this project they also looked at driver routing, to enable them to identify both potential rat-runs and existing low-traffic neighbourhoods (which may or may not also include good levels of cycle and walking permeability). It was satisfying to work on matching the results of the algorithm to the reality on the ground, and work out that many of the streets which were highlighted in red as rat-runs were already the subject of local campaigns for traffic reduction. They asked attendees what the next steps should be. How best could we use this mapping to work for more changes in Cambridgeshire?

The meeting finished with a round-up of the latest cycling news and campaigns from Camcycle’s Executive Director, Roxanne De Beaux.

It was originally held on our Facebook channel and is also available to view on YouTube.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 7 December, when London Cycling Campaign’s Clare Rogers will talk to us about winning hearts and minds. She’ll also answer your questions about about how she has successfully engaged communities in her campaigning work. Watch live on our Facebook channel from 7pm.


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CycleStreets’ modal filters and LTN map

The mapping tool is still being finessed so is not fully public yet, but you can access it here with the password ltnsarenotnew. Comments and feedback are welcome to There is more information about the project on the CycleStreets blog.

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