Statement regarding online reaction to Mill Road decisions

The recent decision to remove the bus gate on Mill Road bridge and allow through traffic along Mill Road has stirred up a lot of strong reactions, particularly on social media. Along with many, we are very disappointed with the outcome and believe it is the wrong one for our city. Healthy debate is hugely important on issues like this but there is no place for abuse or harassment. However, some of the responses have been abusive and aimed at individuals, including our team and some of the councillors involved in the recent decision. We completely condemn it and we will not tolerate it. We have reported those posting abusive comments about our team to the police and will not hesitate to do so again if it continues.

Our focus going forward is on working with the local communities, councils and businesses to encourage more active travel and make our streets safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling.  More people walking and cycling brings huge benefits to our city. Right now we have a big opportunity to create the conditions for active travel to flourish so we will keep campaigning for the changes we need to secure that and will work with everyone who shares that ambition.