Revolutions: How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels with author Hannah Ross

From suffragettes to sportswomen and trailblazing Victorians to those challenging modern-day taboos, Hannah Ross’ book Revolutions: How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels is an inspirational tale of the freedom women have found – and continue to find – through cycling.

Camcycle’s Administrative Officer Rosamund Humphrey asks Hannah what motivated her to pull together the story of over 100 years of women in cycling and finds out more about some of the key figures in this book which both starts and ends in Cambridge.

The meeting finishes with a round-up of the latest cycling news and campaigns from Camcycle’s Executive Director, Roxanne De Beaux.

It was originally held on our Facebook channel and is also available to view on YouTube.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 7 September, when we’ll be joined by John Jackson and Benjamin Smith from Bikeability. They’ll talk to us about their new scheme in collaboration with the Association of Driving Instructors to help instructors and leaner drivers develop greater awareness about how the world looks and feels for cyclists.


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Revolutions: How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels

Find out more about the book and where you can buy it.

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