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Big Give - Spaces to Breathe2020 has been quite a year. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the importance of spaces to breathe – a chance to take care of our physical and mental health, to spend time outdoors, to travel safely through our communities and interact with others. The first lockdown revealed a glimpse of a world with fewer car journeys and safer streets, a place where more people felt able to try cycling or changed their routines to include a daily walk. A survey conducted in April showed that 91% of respondents did not want life to return to ‘normal’ after the pandemic, welcoming changes such as cleaner air and a stronger sense of community.

Another survey showed that a third of people now believed they could swap their cars for walking and cycling but, crucially, only if road safety and cycle infrastructure were improved. In 2020, experimental measures have begun to address some of these issues and, in 2021, it’s important that even more safe routes for walking and cycling are created.

Helping communities work for more Spaces to Breathe

This year, Camcycle’s Spaces to Breathe campaign has helped local communities turn their ideas for cycling and walking improvements into real-life experiments which have provided more space for active travel during the pandemic and cleaner air for those enjoying time outside, improving lives across Cambridgeshire.

However, only a small proportion of the active travel improvements and new walking and cycling routes suggested by local people have been put in place. More needs to be done to make our neighbourhoods safer for all ages and abilities. Temporary schemes need to be improved and made permanent. New experiments need to be installed. More ideas need to be gathered from local communities and put into action. Camcycle is doing all we can to help, but we need your support.

Give a Christmas gift that will last for generations

Providing more safe space for walking and cycling helps unlock benefits for whole communities in terms of health, air pollution and reduced congestion. Through active travel we can strengthen communities, help businesses thrive and tackle the climate crisis.

Your gift to Spaces to Breathe could help an urban community successfully campaign for a modal filter which creates a new route to school for children, boosting their confidence and independence. Your donation could help unite a rural village as its residents work together to build a safe, low-traffic neighbourhood. Your support could set in motion positive changes that will never be reversed.

Please support Camcycle’s work this week through the Big Give Christmas Challenge

All you have to do is visit Camcycle’s page on the Big Give website and make a donation that will support our work for Spaces to Breathe. Thanks to the generosity of local pledgers, when you donate between noon on Tuesday 1 December and noon on Tuesday 8 December, your gift will be DOUBLED, helping us achieve an even greater impact for active travel.

Thanks to everyone who supports more, better and safer cycling for all

Many thanks to our members, supporters, sponsors, partners, donors and volunteers for your invaluable contributions of time, money, effort and energy over the last 25 years. Every gift you have made in support of our work is hugely appreciated, and Camcycle is determined to work even harder for cyclists of all ages and abilities in and around Cambridge throughout 2021 and beyond.