Camcycle repeats call to county to fast-track improvements on Mill Road

Mill Road can and should be a thriving and safe place to shop and visit. Camcycle supports the measures on the street which have been installed as part of the county council’s experimental walking and cycling programme to tackle urgent issues of public health and support the rebuilding of the local economy. We welcome the recent installation of clear bus gate signs at each end of the bridge. However, we call on the council to do its best to get complementary measures in place as soon as possible to give a clear message that Mill Road is open and safe.

This week, we sent a letter to Cllr Ian Bates, Chair of the Highways and Transport Committee, reiterating our call for:

Signorellis on Burleigh Street has extended its outdoor seating area for customers during the pandemic (Image: @kieranmperkins)
    • Outside seating areas to provide space for customers of local food businesses and additional outdoor shopping space for retail outlets.
    • Better signage at each end of Mill Road, making it clear the street is open for business with full access to all properties, but it is not a rat-run.
    • The legally-required signs at each end of the bus gate along with camera enforcement of it.
    • More cycle parking on the carriageway, instead of the pavement.
    • Marked delivery bays, short-stay and blue badge car parking spaces in safe locations.
    • Pavement repairs to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.
    • Temporary bollards or other measures to prevent pavement parking.
    • Public art around a bus gate in Brixton makes the road attractive for families (Image: Helen Prowse, @hlp)

      Tree planters alongside the widened pavements, and public art along the street.

    • A Mill Road promotional campaign to attract visitors to the street. (Many ideas for this have been posted on the Mill Road Bridges website.)

The initial changes on Mill Road have opened up the potential for more space usable by people walking, cycling or using mobility scooters to visit local businesses, or for safe outdoor shopping and dining. But there is more to be done to support local traders, improve access for those with disabilities and make the street a welcoming place for everyone. Let’s get it done.