Celebrating 25 years of Camcycle

In June 1995 a new organisation was formed in Cambridge to work for more, better and safer cycling in the area. 25 years later, our online monthly meeting was a special celebration of all those who have supported Camcycle – the Cambridge Cycling Campaign – over the years, as members, volunteers, partners, people who cycle themselves and people who help others get cycling.

Camcycle staff members Roxanne De Beaux and Anna Williams spoke about Camcycle’s current work and vision for the future. They were joined by long-term members Clare Macrae, David Earl, Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith, who took us back through the organisation’s archives exploring its formation, early events and memorable campaign successes. We streamed the talks live to our Facebook channel, where we were joined by many other members – some who had been Camcycle supporters for a year or two and some who had joined at the very first meeting!

The video of the monthly meeting is now available on YouTube – find out what cycling in Cambridge was like in the mid-80s, what a chocolate chain award was and how Cambridge City Council got the local press on board with its idea for a new Riverside cycle bridge. Was there ‘blood on the streets’ when the city centre cycling ban was lifted? How many members signed up at the first meeting? And how do you ride a ‘social bike’?

Thank you again to all our members who support us in what we do – we appreciate every one of you. And, if you’re not a member yet, please join us! It’s easy to sign up here on our website.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 7 July, with a guest speaker from Carbon Neutral Cambridge. Find out more about this and other Camcycle events on our events page.


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Our newsletter and magazine contain a wealth of interesting articles offering insights into our history and work over the last 25 years. Clare Macrae looked back at 50 newsletters in 2003 and David Earl did the review for our 100th issue. There are further reflections from members, volunteers and local politicians in our 20th birthday special from 2015.



Camcycle’s recent work and vision for the future

Our annual reports from 2017, 2018 and 2019 detail some of the work we have been doing in the last five years, since we expanded from a voluntary organisation to a charity with some paid staff members. Our latest report Cycling for All shares our vision for the Greater Cambridge region and how more, better and safer cycling would bring benefits to everyone living and working here.


Campaign successes

This map shows a selection of some of the things that we’ve achieved through 25 years of campaigning.



Videos – past and present

View more of the archive videos Simon was showing on the film page of our website. Our latest videos appear on our YouTube channel.



Camcycle’s Spaces to Breathe campaign

Find out more about our campaign for more space for safe cycling and walking during the coronavirus pandemic. Sign our open letter, submit suggestions for areas which need more space to keep people safe and view the presentation of solutions we’ve been sharing with decision-makers.



Camcycle events

Find out more information on upcoming Camcycle meetings and social events.