Help shape the Sawston and Melbourn Greenways

Don’t miss your chance to have your say on the next two Greenways consultations, looking at routes to improve cycle, walking and equestrian links from villages around Cambridge into the city. The two Greenways currently being consulted on are Sawston and Melbourn and the deadline for responses is the end of Monday 5 August. You can complete the consultation surveys on the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s website, where you’ll also find links to information leaflets on the proposals.

Camcycle supports the Greenways project as an ambitious vision to connect the villages surrounding Cambridge into the city, providing safe and attractive routes for commuters, for shoppers and for leisure. Furthermore, if the network is built, it will provide links between villages, providing an alternative to short car journeys.

We’ve congratulated the Greenways team on the ‘quick wins’ that are nearly completed on much of the section from Stapleford to the Village College in Sawston with the widening on most of this section enabling someone commuting on a bike to pass an adult cycling alongside a child also cycling, or friends walking side by side. We think, that for both the Sawston and Melbourn routes improvements to the Southern Guided Busway are critical so as to provide a segregated walking route over much of this route. To inform your own response, read our full submissions to the consultation for the Sawston Greenway and the Melbourn Greenway. Members can also find more information on our Cyclescape forum.