Cherry Hinton Road improvements – show your support

The Cambridgeshire County Council is consulting on plans for Cherry Hinton Road. This consultation builds on the 2015 survey by the council which found that 73% of respondents were in favour of new segregated cycle lanes along this road, even if the on-road parking bays have to be removed.

We’re pleased to see the options presented in the survey which will make cycling safer and easier including removal of on-street car parking to allow continuous cycleways, removal of shared-use pavements, cyclist priority over side roads and installation of bus stops that allow cyclists to stay safely separate from motor vehicles. It is disappointing that the scheme will include some sections of 1.5m advisory cycle lanes, however, given the limited width of the road, it is unlikely we will see improvements to this unless compulsory land purchases, dramatic road redesigns and/or rerouting of traffic become palatable to the County.

It is also disappointing that the junction by Cambridge Leisure Park will still not have an official way for cyclists from the Leisure Park to join the road, an issue we previously raised with the Council.

We urge our members to complete this survey to show support for the options that will improve safety for cycling on Cherry Hinton Road including:

  • The new bus stop design
  • The removal of on-street car parking in all locations
  • The continuation of cycle lanes all the way to junctions
  • The priority for cyclists and pedestrians over side roads
  • The provision of 2m-wide segregated cycle lanes

Find out more and share your views on the Cherry Hinton Road plans using the consultation survey online. You can join our discussion about Cherry Hinton Road on Cyclescape 4741.