Cambridge station area issues persist despite revised planning application

Cycles in conflict with taxis at Station SquareWe’ve responded to the latest planning application revision for the Cambridge Station Area pointing out that there are still numerous issues that need to be resolved before the area can be further developed. We’ve met with the developers a number of times recently and, following our feedback, we are pleased to see the addition of a Zebra crossing on Station Road.

However, the bulk of our comments have not been addressed.

The issues we have objected to include:

  • The continued absence of a safe north-south cycle route through the area. We are continuing to work with the developer to find a better solution however the scope they are willing to work with is limited.
  • The number of cars passing through the mini-roundabout next to the Cyclepoint, estimated in the new plans at around 10,000 per weekday, is dangerous for cycling and implies unacceptable levels of pollution and noise on Great Northern Road.
  • There is still a significant turn by Devonshire Road. It should be a smooth curve, reflecting the desire line. Thousands of people cycling will each be required to give way to the merely 300 or so cars per day accessing the car park.
  • The commitment to keeping 400 car parking spaces while bypassing the commitment to install an additional 1,000 cycle parking spaces and a lack of evidence that the car park could one day be made into cycle parking or that there will be space for additional cycle parking as the development in the area progresses.
  • The use of shared-use pavements during the construction phase with no dedicated space for pedestrians, that are narrow and will be filled with street furniture and trees, where doors may open unexpectedly into the path of people walking and cycling past. We propose an interim layout that includes segregated spaces for people walking, cycling and driving.
  • Use of kerb upstands on cycle links that will increase the risk that people cycling will catch their wheel and fall. These locations must be flush with the surrounding surfaces, with no upstand.

There are many issues with the station area and the Cyclepoint cycle park. We’re continuing to work for the people who cycle, walk and use public transport around the station, whose safety and convenience continues to be compromised.

Read our official response to this revised planning application. Our response to revised Cambridge Station Area planning application.

You can see the planning application documents and submit your own response via the Cambridge City Council planning portal.

You can join our discussion in Cyclescape 2838.