Street Cycle Parking report now published

Camcycle has produced a report entitled: Street Cycle Parking Project

The report is about the challenge of improving cycle parking in the terraced streets of Romsey where almost all of the available space is allocated to motor vehicles.

The Street Cycle Parking project was set up by Camcycle following the successful introduction of cycle racks in one street in Romsey. The success could be repeated on all streets in the area.

Volunteers, working with a paid summer intern, designed a survey of residents to assess the challenges faced by people trying to park their bikes in the area where they live. The survey was delivered to 1500 households and received over 100 responses.

The main points of the report are:
1. Residents want more cycle parking, where space can be found
2. People with bikes designed for carrying children have a particular need
3. The design of racks needs work to improve security

Report co-author, and Camcycle volunteer, Simon Nuttall said:
“We had over 100 responses, and residents have told us that they’d like some more street cycle parking near where they live, but are well aware of the challenges of finding space for them on the streets. People with large bikes for carrying children find parking in the terraced streets a real problem and for some of them the alternative is a second car. There’s also work to be done to improve the design of the cycle racks so that bikes will be secure when parked on the street.”

The report will be distributed to Cambridge City councillors and shared with council officers working on cycling-related projects such as the residents parking schemes which are being introduced across the city.

Learn more about our street cycle parking project.

Download the report