York Street area residents’ parking consultation leaves cycle parking out

Contact Petersfield councillors and ask for street cycle parking to be included in the York Street area residents’ parking scheme.

Petersfield lack of cycle parking

Cambridgeshire County Council has published proposals and consultation to introduce a residents’ parking scheme in the streets around York Street and New Street.
The consultations go on until 17 December and can be found at on the County Council website.

We are concerned that no cycle parking has been included in the proposals.

Camcycle supports the principle of the residents’ parking scheme which will reduce demand on the valuable street space in the city. It is also an opportunity to create official and secure street cycle parking spaces.

Petersfield is one of the most popular areas for cycling both by local residents and from other areas of the city. Yet there are very few parts of the ward where residents can conveniently and securely park their cycles. We notice this by the numbers of bikes parked on the footway, locked to street furniture and sometimes causing an obstruction.

We are examining the proposals closely and will be writing to our members in the area to gather their experiences of cycle parking problems. We believe there is plenty of scope in the plans to accommodate bays of street cycle parking similar to those recently introduced into some streets in Romsey.

If you would like to see more cycle parking in Petersfield, please email or write to your local councillor.

If you have suggestions for where cycle parking could be added, please let us know too at contact@camcycle.org.uk.

We’re also working to ensure street cycle parking is included in future residents’ parking consultations in Romsey and will be publishing the results of our street cycle parking survey soon.