Segregated lanes restored at Gilbert Road junction

We welcome the Gilbert Road junction redesign that was presented at the Histon Road Local Liaison Forum on Monday 26 November. This redesign restores segregated cycleways and footways, a feature that has received widespread community support. The Gilbert Road junction on Histon Road is busy with people walking and cycling, in all directions throughout the day, especially because of the nearby Mayfield Primary School. We appreciate that the officers were able to rearrange crucial elements in order to resolve the issues raised by their county highways colleagues, while maintaining the walking and cycling safety features of the previous segregated design that were popular during the consultation. The design was inspired by a proposal for the Manchester to Chorlton Beeline route which was published soon after the GCP Joint Assembly at which we spoke in opposition to the previously-published plans for a junction with shared-use areas.

The new design makes it easier for pedestrians to complete a diagonal crossing movement during the scramble phase (when the lights are red for road traffic in all directions). The segregated cycleways are currently intended for scramble movement as well; however, one future benefit is that the larger set-back will make them easier to convert to concurrent operation in the event that British Cycling’s ‘Turning the corner’ campaign is successful. This process of proposal and review has been a learning experience for everyone involved (including us) and we hope that this will help future design processes for segregated walking and cycling infrastructure go more smoothly, especially with other important projects like Milton Road.