Cycling in the news this September


On Tuesday 4 September, the Civil Liability Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons. The earlier revisions that would have limited the amount of compensation vulnerable road users, like cyclists, could get for small claims road traffic accidents have now been dropped. This is thanks to a huge campaigning effort from British Cycling, Cycling UK, MPs and other organisations. You can read more about this on Bike Biz.

Cycling has been a popular topic of conversation in Parliament this week with Tuesday also seeing the debate on the Andrew Gilligan Report, ‘Running out of Road’. The debate was fairly short but Daniel Zeichner MP for Cambridge highlighted areas that the report had missed such as cycle parking in the city centre and the impact of electric bikes.

Daniel Zeichner MP also mentioned Camcycle in Parliament, calling us an “excellent local cycling campaign”; you can watch the clip here.

In other news, the Local Plan for Cambridge and the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan have both been approved. The plans have not been adopted yet but a decision will be made after committee meetings are held at the end of September and throughout October.