Developer threatens removal of Cambridge North cycleway

Cambridge North station Square developments – action needed

By now, many of you will have ridden to or from Cambridge North Railway Station, or ridden through the site using the cycle links. Camcycle campaigned especially hard for the cycleway along Cowley Road- at one point this was to be a 2.5m shared use pavement along the road, not the 5m wide path separated from the road by a ditch and hedge we now have.

On the station site, from the cycle park to the Cowley Road cycleway cycle and pedestrian provision are separated by a kerb and for most of it, the cycleway is surfaced red.

Now Developer Brookgate, of CB1 infamy, want to change this. Just like at Cambridge Station, they propose building a hotel on the north side of the “square” (between the station concourse and the car park). On the west side however is what we're most concerned about- they propose building an office and retail building, just like at Cambridge station. Just like there, they want the retail units facing the square to have an “active frontage”- i.e. doors opening out on to the square with outdoor seating and tables. This would go right where the the cycleway is. You can see this today at Cambridge station

Brookgate propose removing this cycleway. They want to re-route the cycleway round the back of the building, on the other side of the busway by a convoluted dog leg.

As we say in our letter of objection (S-2403-17-FL Cambridge North Station Square offices and retail), this is an act of vandalism, nothing less. It is astonishing that a developer should seek to do this, especially given the criticism they have taken for the Cambridge station development.

As detailed in our objection letter, the parking strategy is really very poor as well, with some very odd assumptions about car parking and an effort to provide the minimum required cycle parking.


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