Chisholm Trail phase 1 planning application approved

Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign) is pleased that councillors have unanimously approved the planning application for phase 1 of the Chisholm Trail which will provide a long called-for, safe and direct route for people to walk and cycle between the north and south of the City. It will provide connections to railway stations, workplaces, schools, heritage sites and residential areas. Phase 1 of the the trail will create the vital link from Coldham’s Lane to the Abbey-Chesterton bridge (approved in February 2017) and onwards to the new Cambridge North station.  Using land alongside the railway and a new underpass at Newmarket Road the route will be separate from motor traffic.

Camcycle works for more, better and safer cycling for all ages and abilities in and around Cambridge. Cambridge is the cycling capital of the U.K. In our city about a third of people cycle to work everyday and 50% of people cycle at least once a week. The significance of cycling in our region is further shown by the high rates of cycling in the villages and towns surrounding Cambridge, particularly in areas which have invested in cycling infrastructure.

Camcycle has campaigned for the Chisholm Trail for nearly 20 years, ever since it was first proposed by Jim Chisholm, and from its earliest inception the Trail has had strong public support.

The Chisholm Trail will provide innumerable benefits for Cambridge including:
– More cycling thus reducing congestion and pollution.
– Active travel resulting in positive health outcomes and subsequent savings for the NHS.
– Better access to meadows and commons allowing more people to experience the natural environment.

Camcycle officer Roxanne De Beaux commented: “We are pleased that Councillors have recognised this vital cycling and walking route for Cambridge. The Chisholm Trail will make a difference to many Cambridge residents who are looking for safer ways to travel around the city. Routes like this will help those who already cycle and will encourage more people to take up cycling. I will use this route everyday and I am counting the days until it opens.”

Jim Chisholm said of the news "I think it is positive that the council has passed it unanimously, which shows an unusually high level of support. I think it is now onwards and upwards.”.


Phase 2 of the Chisholm Trail will establish a link from Coldham’s Lane to Cambridge Station.

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