A call for action to help the Chisholm Trail

Please send one email to show your support.

Decisions on the next stages of the Chisholm Trail are imminent with both the application to the Planning Inspectorate for improving the path over Coldham’s Common and the full planning application for all works between the agreed river bridge and Coldham’s Lane proceeding.

Under the Commons Act 2006, the widening and minor realignments on Coldham’s Common require the permission of the National Planning Inspectorate. It vital that we show the overwhelming support for this permission to counteract the few (but vocal) objections that are likely to arise.

Please show your support for the Chisholm Trail by sending an email to: commonlandcasework@pins.gsi.gov.uk

using the heading:


We suggest the text which you can use or edit as you see fit.

“I support the widening and realignment of the path on Coldham’s Common as a vital improvement needed for the Chisholm Trail. The widening and realignment of sections of this tarmac of this path will not only reduce conflicts between those on foot and on bike, but also improve personal safety and reduce the damage caused to adjacent grass due to compaction as the path is not wide enough to cope with increasing levels of use.”

Responses must be made on or before June 23rd

Unfortunately, there are yet further delays for Phase One of the Chisholm Trail and this will not now go to the Joint Development Control Committee as expected in June but is delayed until July 19th.

As always we will keep you informed of any progress with the Chisholm Trail and we thank you for your support.

You can find out more about the Chisholm Trail at www.camcycle.org.uk/chisholmtrail

1.6m is not wide enough for safe passing when busy with those on foot or bike.