Press Release: Camcycle welcome’s British Cycling’s ‘Turning the Corner’ report

Camcycle is pleased to welcome the British Cycling report ‘Turning the Corner’. We think the proposed changes will create simpler, safer junctions that will benefit all road users.

These changes will not only benefit people who cycle, but also those who travel by car or public transport, as junctions will be more efficient thus helping to reduce congestion. Clarifying the existing Rule 170 of the Highway Code by rewriting it into a very simple, universal rule that you give way when you are turning should also make driving less stressful for drivers and ensure consistent enforcement.

Two thirds of all collisions take place at junctions, increasing to three quarters of all cycling collisions. With such high rates of cycling in Cambridge it is important that road rules and road design create a safe environment for vulnerable road users, particularly at junctions. The proposed changes will do that.

At the Camcycle AGM on Tuesday evening, guest speaker Brian Deegan (Principal Technical Specialist from Transport for London) presented examples of the types of junctions that could be built should the recommendations in the report be implemented.

Upon release of the report today, Deegan said ‘The implications of the Turning the Corner report are enormously beneficial for pedestrians, cyclists and general traffic.  There is a reason most countries have adopted a give way on turn rule and that is because it allows designers to prioritise pedestrian and cycling movements whilst delivering big capacity wins for general traffic.   With such high rates of cycling in Cambridge it would be the ideal place to trial this approach and I would be delighted to provide technical support if needed.’

We urge those who support these proposed changes to sign the British Cycling petition and make it clear to decision makers that there is broad support for these changes.

We also invite those who support more, better and safer cycling in Cambridge to join Camcycle. Find out more here: