Weekly update – 8th November

This week:

  • CB1 development halted due to inadequate cycling provision
  • "Greenways" cycle network proposal
  • Focus group, online discussion and survey about membership
  • Persistent blocking of Downing Street cycle lane by Revolution Pub
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Events

CB1 development halted due to inadequate cycling provision

Several months ago we objected to planning application 15/1759/FUL for the demolition of Murdoch House and the remains of the former Silo and the construction of two new mixed-use buildings comprising residential and office accommodation. Our objection was based on inadequate cycle parking provision and access.

On Tuesday 1 November we spoke at the City Council Planning Committee to reiterate our objection.

Thanks to our intervention Councillors voted unanimously to reject the application, against the recommendations of the officers, on the grounds of Design, Community facilities and Cycling.


Greenways proposal for Cambridge

Camcycle welcomes the publication of the County Council's Greenways report. We believe a network of high-quality radial routes from surrounding towns and villages is vital to the future of transport in and around Cambridge. We are pleased to see recognition of the value cycling can add to villages and towns beyond the city in the ambition of this Greenways network.

You can learn more about the Greenways report online: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/info/20020/cycling/666/greenways

and can discuss the details of the report or help us formulate our response on Cyclescape: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2793


What does Camcycle membership mean to you?

Camcycle is working with students from Cambridge University as part of the Social Innovation Programme. The students are providing consulting advice to us and will be making recommendations for how we can increase our membership numbers.

To assist with this project the students will undertake a number of activities including an in-person focus group, a Cyclescape discussion and an online survey. We want a diversity of participants, not just those who are heavily involved in our campaigning activities and we are also interested in hearing from people who are not members. If you know someone who isn't a member but who does support our aims, please ask them to get in touch.

If you can participate in a focus group (most likely this Thursday) please reply to this email.

The Cyclescape discussion is here: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2809

You can access the online survey here: http://tinyurl.com/camcyclesurvey

Please share the survey throughout your networks to help us get a broad range of participants.


Persistent blocking of Downing Street cycle lane by Revolution pub

There has been some absolutely outrageous illegal behaviour by multiple drivers over the last week during works by the Revolution pub. Despite numerous reports to the Police, it appears that no action has been taken against the drivers or Revolution.

Just watch this video from Richard Taylor and be completely appalled:

You can join our discussion on Cyclescape as we plan what action to take. http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2800



We're looking for volunteers to help with the following activities. Please get in touch to find out more.

  • Newsletter Layout. Work with our fantastic editing team to maintain our high-quality publication.
  • We are always happy to receive beautiful photos of cycling in Cambridge to use for the Newsletter cover and promotional materials. Full credit will be given.
  • Help with tea & coffee set up for the AGM.
  • Join the planning team for the 2017 Reach Ride event.
  • Join our Board of Trustees. Nominations close on the 21st of November. You can find out more online.


Upcoming events

See our campaign diary online.

19 November: Cyclenation/Cycling UK Annual Campaigners Conference – http://www.cyclinguk.org/blog/samjones/national-campaign-conference-comes-st-albans

25 November: Cam Ride Home – Christmas lights special. Follow #camridehome on Twitter for more details. 

6 December: Annual General Meeting


In the News

Don't forget to read this week’s 'Life in the cycling lane' written by our Chair, Robin Heydon for Cambridge News.


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.