Weekly update – 26th August

This week:

  • Consultations we are working on
  • Station cycle bridge updates
  • Thank you for your cycle lights responses
  • Collaboration with local artists and photographers
  • Upcoming events
  • In the News
  • Using Cyclescape

Consultations we are working on

Chisholm Trail Phase 1 planning application is now live

You can access the application on the County Council website and participate in our Cyclescape discussion as we work our way through the details. We will provide more information in future updates.

Histon and Impington local highways improvements

Histon and Impington Parish council are looking for suggestions for schemes for the 2017 for Local highways improvements. You can share your ideas on Cyclescape or find out more on the Parish Council consultation website. The consultation closes on the 15th of September. 

Histon and Impington cycle parking

The Histon and Impington Highways Committee are looking to increase the number of cycle stands around the villages with the view of making cycling a more convenient way of getting around. They would like to hear your views on possible locations.

If you have any suggestions please join in our Cyclescape discussion or email them directly to admin@hisimp.net by 31st August.

Cycle lane design for Cowley Road access to the Science Park station

We have been asked to provide our recommendation for the Cowley Road cycle access to the Science park station. A decision needs to be made between segregated access or shared use. We will be recommending segregation as we anticipate this will be a busy route and it is best to use design to prevent conflict between people walking and cycling. You can join the conversation on Cyclescape.


Don't forget these consultations:

Chisholm Trail Phase 1 planning application

Histon & Impington Cycle Parking (Closes 31st August)

Ross Street Cycle Parking (Closes 12th September)

Histon and Impington Local Highways Projects 2017 (Closes 15th September)

City Deal Peak Time congestion proposals (Closes 10th October)


Station cycle bridge updates

Have you used the station cycle bridge lately? What do you think of the changes?

Local blogger 'Radwagon' has written an interesting report about the changes to the bridge. You can also join our Cyclescape discussion about the bridge.

We think there are still problems with the bollard placement on the Devonshire Road side of the bridge as it is not accessible for some cycles and requires challenging manoeuvres not suited to such a busy route.


Thank you for your cycle lights responses

We had a great number of responses to last weeks request for feedback on cycle lights. We will be publishing a selection of your views in our next edition of 'Camcycle'. There are still a few days until the copy deadline so if you want to have your say then please reply to this email.


Collaboration with local artists and photographers

We are planning to produce and sell gift cards and postcards to raise funds for our campaigning activities and we would like to collaborate with local artists and photographers to create the imagery. Please get in touch if you or someone you know would like to work with us on this project.


Upcoming events

See our campaign diary online

5th September, 6:00 PM: Chisholm Trail and Abbey-Chesterton Bridge Local Liaison Forum

6th September: Monthly Campaign Meeting – We will be discussing the Chisholm Trail planning application

4th October: Monthly Campaign Meeting


In the News

Don't forget to read this week’s 'Life in the cycling lane' written by our Chair, Robin Heydon for Cambridge News.


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.