Weekly update – 20th May

This week’s update


Huntingdon Road

Huntingdon Road cycle ways

The County Council have begun consultation on the design proposals for the Huntingdon Road cycleways between Richmond Road and the junction with Histon Road. You can read more about the proposal on the County website and join our discussion on Cyclescape as we formulate our response.

There will also be two public consultation events:
Thursday 26 May 2016 5.30–8.30pm
Tuesday 7 June 2016 4.30–7.30pm
Location: Buckingham House, Murray Edwards College, The Foyer Room, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DF

Petition for a new approach to on-street parking – closes 31st May

Smarter Cambridge

Smarter Cambridge Transport’s petition for a new approach to on-street parking in Cambridge has gained 700 signatures. They’re aiming for 1,000+ to really influence decision-makers. So if you haven’t signed yet (or you’d be willing to collect signatures) please see: http://www.smartertransport.uk/act-on-parking/
Why is this important? Free commuter parking contributes to congestion and pollution; it undermines public transport, including park-and-ride and rural bus services; and parking in inappropriate places creates a hazard for people walking and cycling.


Online discussion

Cars parking on the Towpath entrance

Cars have consistently been parking on Water Street in front of the dropped kerb entrance to the Cam Towpath. The Council has sent the street works inspector to the site and we hope this results in some improvements.

New bollards on Carter Bridge

Members are concerned about two large concrete bollards that have recently been installed on the Devonshire Road side of Carter Bridge. Their is also concern about the length of time works have taken with little progress.

Improvements to Barton Road

The County Council is planning to make some improvements to Barton Road. We are discussing what upgrades we would like to see in this location.

Volunteer JobsCyclehack

Can you help distribute posters to promote CycleHack Cambridge? Please get in touch by responding to this email.


Upcoming events

See our campaign diary online

21st May – Ridgeons Cromwell Road – Consultation Event: 10:00am – 3:00pm St Philip’s Church Centre, Mill Road

26th May – Huntingdon Rd Cycleways consultation: 5.30–8.30pm, Buckingham House, Murray Edwards College, The Foyer Room, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DF

2nd June – City Deal Joint Assembly Meeting: 10am in Cambourne. We will share details as they become available. 

7th June – Huntingdon Rd Cycleways consultation: 4.30–7.30pm, Buckingham House, Murray Edwards College, The Foyer Room, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DF

7th June – Monthly Meeting: Cycling Cities Infrastructure Evening. We will have presentations from council representatives from London, Newcastle and Birmingham with other cities also in attendance.

9th June – City Deal Executive Board: 2.30pm at The Meadows Community Centre, Cambridge

24-26th June – CycleHack Cambridge: Find out more and register online.

5th July – Monthly Meeting: We are planning a City Deal Special about City Centre Access (There should be proposals for congestion charging, smart traffic management)


In the News

In this week’s 'Life in the cycle lane' Robin describes the results of modelling a 10% increase in cycling in the Dutch city of Alkmaar.

Did you see the article about our new branding in Cambridge News last week?