Our objection to planning application 16/0617/FUL due to flaws in cycle parking design

Objection to 16/0617/FUL Erection of 14 flats and associated bin and cycle stores following demolition of existing dwelling.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign (Camcycle) objects to this application on the following grounds; design and quantity of cycle parking.

The Cambridge Local Plan 2006 indicates that there should be one space per bedroom for dwellings up to three bedrooms, plus some level of visitor cycle parking.  This is reiterated in https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/sites/default/files/docs/CycleParkingGuide_std.pdf on  page 37.  There are 14 proposed flats, each with two bedrooms, thus by these standards, 28 spaces should be provided.  Block 3 appears to show 8 spaces.  It is not clear from the plans for blocks 1 and 2 if two identical cycle stores are to be provided.  If so, each has 8 spaces.  This is a shortfall of 4 spaces assuming block 1 and 2 each have a dedicated cycle shed and there is no provision for visitor cycle parking.  If only 1 shed is proposed to be shared between blocks 1 and 2, there is of course a very serious shortfall of cycle parking.

We would comment that this development is within easy cycling distance of many employment and leisure opportunities and is well-connected to them by a variety of good routes so cycle ownership amongst the occupants is likely to be extremely high so provision ideally should be higher than that recommended by official documents.

Our concerns are more to do with the design of the cycle parking where the design is fundamentally flawed.

Document https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/sites/default/files/docs/CycleParkingGuide_std.pdf gives dimensions and layout for cycle parking.  Page 14 shows the spacing for the suggested diagonally placed sheffield stands suggested.  However, this diagram has been misinterpreted and the 1m spacing between stands is shown measured at 45o to the stands, not the 90o shown on page 14 of the cycle parking guide.  By simple trigonometry, this will lead to an actual spacing between the stands if measured at 90o to the stand of 70cm and will effectively halve the number of cycles able to be parked.  If showing the spacing measured at 45o to the stands as is done in the plans, to achieve the required 1m spacing necessary, the spacing shown thus should be 1.41m.  This is an elementary but very serious error and must be rectified.