Our response to the Milton Road City Deal consultation

We've submitted our response to the Milton Road City Deal consultation. The consultation closes today (15th Feb) so make sure you complete your response.

In summary, Cambridge Cycling Campaign does not support either of the two options, ‘Do Maximum’ or ‘Do Something’. Our ideal way forward would be for there to be serious restrictions on traffic volumes—perhaps by way of a congestion charge or other demand management measures. With such provision, there would be no need for bus lanes at all and it would be easy to make really good provision for pedestrians and cyclists. For the present, however, we have sought to work with and improve on the idea of bus priority. We do consider some elements of the proposals to be interesting but would like to explicitly put forward an alternative proposal. We have called our alternative proposal the ‘Do Sustainable’ option. It provides bus priority, fully segregated cycleways, protected bicycle junctions, and excellent pedestrian facilities whilst retaining an avenue of trees and fits this mostly residential street and route into Cambridge.

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