City Deal Cross City Cycling Routes – Our consultation response

We have submitted our consultation response to the proposed Greater Cambridge City Deal Cross City Cycling Routes. This consultation closes today, Monday 15th February.

We welcome the Cross City Cycling routes proposed by the Greater Cambridge City Deal and agree that these routes are strategically important links in the Cambridge cycle network. We hope that the final installations are high quality and of good design in order to encourage even more people to cycle, thus reducing congestion in Cambridge. With this objective in mind we have responded to proposals for each route, indicating the positives for each design, highlighting areas where the designs fail to meet the standards for cyclist safety and making recommendations for rectification. However, we feel there remains a lack of ambition overall, and we bemoan the continued lack of a proper, city-wide cycle plan.

Read our response covering the following routes:

A. Arbury Road Route

B. Links to Cambridge North Rail Station and the Science Park

C. Ditton Lane and Links to East Cambridge

D. Hills Road and Addenbrooke's Route

E. Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access