City Deal Western Orbital consultation

The Western Orbital scheme should offer lots of opportunities to improve the facilities for cycling. The Barton Interchange, in particular, is very hostile for those on cycles. Good quality cycle routes that better link the necklace villages on the west of Cambridge with each other and major employment centres would benefit all.

Jim Chisholm says:
"We need cycle routes between villages and to schools and employment centres on which parents would permit their teenage children to cycle unaccompanied"

Such routes should be of world-class, segregated design that will enable and encourage more people of all ages and abilities to cycle in and around Cambridge.

We are concerned that throwing everything into a 'buses' basket is not best value for money and will continue to campaign for cycling infrastructure to be a major focus of the City Deal.

The Cycling Campaign supports the concept of park and cycle as part of encouraging more sustainable and active travel choices which can also contribute to the reduction of congestion in Cambridge.