Weekly update – 29th January


Following the success of our last City Deal special, we have organised another City Deal event with Tanya Sheridan, City Deal Programme Manager, and Francis Burkitt, South Cambridgeshire District Councillor, member of the City Deal Board and leader of Cambridge BOLD. 

This will be a great opportunity to ask questions about the City Deal.  

2nd Feb, 7.30 for 8pm start, Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane. 


Tea and Coffee for Monthly Meeting:

Can you help out with the tea and coffee at the Feb Monthly Meeting? Our usual coordinator is on holiday and we need someone to bring tea, coffee and milk and make sure it’s out on time. There are plenty of helpers to make sure it gets done. 

Advertising Coordinator:

We are looking for an advertising coordinator. This would be ideal for someone who can spare a few hours between Newsletter editions to coordinate our Newsletter advertisements. 

Tasks include:
Identifying new advertisers
Communicating with advertisers to determine advertising requirements
Working with the editor to ensure artwork is ready on time
Working with the Treasurer to ensure invoices are issued and paid

This role with have support and guidance from the Newsletter team and our Officer. 

Treasurer and Bookkeeper:

The search for a Treasurer continues. To keep the workload down we are also looking for a bookkeeper to help out with basic transactions and invoicing.  

“Volunteer for Cambridge” 

We will have a stall at the “Volunteer for Cambridge” Fair on the 30th Jan. Can you spare an hour or two to help out?  http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/1615
More information at http://www.cambridgehub.org/volunteer-for-cambridge


We are finalising our responses to Milton Road, Histon Road and the five Cross City Cycling Routes. You can join the discussion at the following threads. 

Milton: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2140
Hilton: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/1879
Arbury Road Route: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2260
Links to Cambridge North Rail Station and the Science Park:http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2261
Ditton Lane and Links to East Cambridge: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2262
Hills Road and Addenbrooke's Route: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2263
Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2264

Make sure you complete your individual response as well. The surveys are online at:http://www.gccitydeal.co.uk/


Tins Path improvements:

Following our requests to the City and County Council we are pleased to say that the Tins Path has seen improvements. The leaf litter has been cleaned from the path and a grit box has been installed. 

Thanks to the City and County Council officers for fixing this important route. 

Mill Road Depot:

A workshop was held this week to test and review the proposals for the Mill Road Depot Site. There is now follow up discussion on our Cyclescape thread, in particular over the proposed levels of car parking provision at 0.6 or 0.3 per dwelling. What do you think is the right amount?

Police to target dangerous driving on Mill Road bridge:

At the East Area Committee meeting on Thursday, our Campaign Officer Roxanne, asked Police to take action against the antisocial and dangerous drivers along Mill Road and in the back streets of Romsey. 

The Police agreed there was a problem and have made the bridge one of their quarterly priorities and will include a “blitz on the bridge” sometime in February. 

Thanks to Antony Carpen you can watch the exchange here:

Influence the Westminster Hall debate on ’Government investment in cycling’: 

The House of Commons is trying to increase public awareness and engagement and as a result they are planning a Twitter discussion to help inform the ‘Government investment in cycling’ debate which will be held the next day. You can participate on the 2nd of Feb, 4.30 to 5.30 with the hashtag #funding4cycling 

Reach Ride 2016:

The 2016 Reach Ride will be on the 2nd of May. Planning for the event starts now. Do you have ideas for the event or would you like to join the organising committee? Please send an email or comment on http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2296

CycleHack Cambridge 2016:

This year we will be joining the global CycleHack movement. If you want to help make the CycleHack Cambridge event a huge success then please get in touch. We are looking for organisers, volunteers, sponsors, venues and more. Watch this space!
More information on Cyclescape: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2315
The CycleHack website: http://www.cyclehack.com
A great video to watch: https://vimeo.com/110037227


Does car parking increase traffic? Well it increases automobile use which in turn results in more traffic. Read the article here:

Martin Lucas-Smith presented our ideas for Milton Road at the Milton Road Residents Association meeting to an audience of over 200 concerned residents. You can read about the meeting and watch Martin’s presentation at:


Cyclescape is our discussion forum. Find out how to register and get started here:

Ensembling is our system for drafting and reviewing documents such as consultation responses. Register here:


Is there an issue that the campaign isn't covering, or that could be a higher priority? Tell us on Cyclescape, send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk or follow the Campaign:
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