Weekly Update – 20th November

Here is this week’s Cambridge Cycling Campaign activity round up.


MAJOR CAMPAIGN SUCCESS: Abbey-Chesterton (Chisholm Trail) Cycling & Walking Bridge approved!

The Economy and Environment Committee have approved the recommendation to progress to planning application stage for the Abbey-Chesterton Bridge, using a hybrid of options 1 and 2 of the architects bridge designs. 

The Campaign submitted a petition with 1661 signatures urging the committee to support this crucial link in the Chisholm Trail. There were many other messages of support submitted to the Committee including from the City Council. 

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign thanks all those who signed our petition and the volunteers who assisted with the Campaign. 


Seasonal Social:

Have you RSVP’d?

Please email ‘contact’ or respond in this thread: www.camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/469

14th December, 7.30
The Grain and Hop Store, Regent Terrace
More information: http://www.camcycle.org.uk/blog/2015/11/13/seasonal-social-14th-december/

2015 AGM – 1st December:


Join the Board of Trustees:

We have big plans for the Campaign next year and we are looking for a strong leadership team. 

All positions are open including:
– Chair
– Vice-chair
– Treasurer
– Membership Secretary
– Liaison Officer
– Planning Officer
– Newsletter Editor
– Events (Rides/Stall) Officer
– Recruitment Officer
– Web Officer
– Press and Social Media Officer
– Schools and Student Outreach Officer
– General Campaigner (Three posts)

You can find out more here: www.camcycle.org.uk/about/charity/boardoftrustees/

Details about some of these roles have been provided at end of this email. We will share the rest next week. 

AGM Guest speaker:

This year our guest speaker will be Mikael Colville-Andersen, urban mobility expert and CEO of Copenhagenize, the go-to consultancy for bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communications. Mikael is an internationally renowned consultant and keynote speaker who is sure to inspire. 



Access route to the Beehive Centre to be blocked by gate:

The Campaign was surprised this week to learn of City Council plans to install a gate on Thursday 26th November 2015 which will block cycle access from York Street to the Beehive Centre, forcing cyclists onto a narrow pavement gap. The gate is intended to prevent non-residents using the road behind the houses for parking however the impact on cyclists is an unfortunate oversight. We have submitted an objection. You can learn more here: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2208

Cambourne to Cambridge City Deal Consultation:

You can learn about our response here: www.camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/1855

It is clear that options Area 1 North and Area 1 Central rule out any future improvements to Madingley Road by using all available space for a bus lane. 3000 new homes, 2000 post-grad dwellings and intensification of the West Cambridge site will add many new walked and cycled journeys to the existing poor shared-use route.

The consultation closes on Monday 23rd November. You can participate here: www.gccitydeal.co.uk/citydeal/info/2/transport/1/transport/5

Is the ice rink skating too close to Parker’s Piece paths?

We’ve measured the distance and at 4 metres instead of the approved 10 metres it appears that the Parker’s Piece North Pole is again too close to the paths. This caused significant congestion last year and we ensured this year’s planning application specified the right distance. We are planning our latest response here: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/1940


We have a fun group of volunteers for the Mill Road Winter Fair and they would enjoy having some more people to join them. Sign up here: http://camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2067

Can you join our volunteers to help with tea and coffee at the start of the AGM? Please reply if you can help out. 

Other volunteer jobs are posted here: www.camcycle.cyclescape.org/threads/2053


30th November: City Deal Call for Evidence
Our Chair, Robin Heydon, will be presenting on behalf of the Campaign. 


This week, Robin writes about economics and congestion. www.cambridge-news.co.uk/life-in-the-cycling-lane


We can always use more help in writing, designing, editing, stuffing and delivering. Send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk or follow the newsletter production thread


Cyclescape is our discussion forum. Find out how to register and get started here:

Ensembling is our system for drafting and reviewing documents such as consultation responses. Register here:


Is there an issue that the campaign isn't covering, or that could be a higher priority? Tell us on Cyclescape, send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk or follow the Campaign:
Twitter: @camcycle
Facebook: CambridgeCyclingCampaign


Here are some details about some of the opportunities on the board. 

The Press and Social Media Officer:

This is an interesting and varied post. You are responsible for dealing with press inquiries from the local newspaper, local radio, national newspapers, or even international news agencies. The post also requires the creation of, and obtaining approval for, press releases related to our campaigns. It can also include the creation of a regular blog post for a local newspaper.

The Campaign is undertaking a branding refresh and with this we will need to update our social media accounts to align with the new imagery. The Campaign has yet to explore new platforms such as Instagram so this would be the ideal position for someone with an interest and talent in social media campaigns who would like to plan new social media campaigns. 

This role will require good communication skills, the ability to deal with the press and to get a clear and consistent message across. It may also require interviews for radio or television outlets. Familiarity with various Social Media platforms will also be required. 

Events Officer:

Events are an important way for the Campaign to attract new members, raise our public profile, build relationships with stakeholders and to raise funds for the important work that we do. There are many opportunities to work with our employee and volunteers to organise new events in 2016 such as conferences, bike rides, cycle-hacks, cycling awards and more. 

Following our branding refresh we would also like to reinvigorate our stall-bike with new materials, banners, merchandise and activities. This is a great opportunity to make a lasting impact on the image of the Campaign. 

The events officer will coordinate our presence at local events and campaigning hot-spots. For instance, a stall near the railway station would draw attention to our efforts to press the railway companies to improve cycle parking there and would encourage people to join as members.

Schools and Student Outreach Officer:

This role is about coordinating effective engagement with the student body that makes up a large proportion of cyclists in Cambridge. You will need to make sure schools and colleges (and their students) know about upcoming consultations that affect them, ideas from them about what they need, education and access to resources on cycling to support their own campaigns.

The Freshers’ Fairs in October have proven a great way to interact with new students and we would be keen for this officer to implement some new creative ideas for these events. 

We recently produced a highly regarded “Welcome to Cycling in Cambridge” leaflet targeted specifically at students and we would like to continue the momentum from this great work with more student specific materials. 

Planning Officer:

Ensuring that new developments are truly cycle-friendly is a key priority for the Campaign. Large developments are continually coming forward with inadequate cycle parking and with road layouts that marginalise cycling rather than prioritising it with the aim of achieving Dutch levels of cycling. The Planning Officer ensures we are keeping on top of development proposals, commenting on them, demanding the highest levels of cycling infrastructure and, moreover, pro-actively discussing the requirements of bicycle-perfect designs with those in charge of planning them.

Liaison Officer:

The Liaison Officer tends to be the person, along with the Chair, who represents the Campaign when talking to external bodies. This includes the local Cycling & Walking Liaison Group at the City Council, but also the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, and national cycling organisations. The Liason Officer is often called on to speak on behalf of the Campaign at public council meetings.

This post will suit someone with good knowledge of cycling issues, both locally and nationally, who is able to use their expertise to advance policies on all levels.