Greater Cambridge City Deal Assembly and the Chisholm Trail

Cambridge Cycling Campaign welcomes the firm project plans for the Chisholm Trail. These plans will be put to the Greater Cambridge City Deal Assembly on Wednesday July 15.

The 'Chisholm Trail' is Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s proposal for a premier route running north to south, largely following of the railway line. The route was proposed by campaign member, Jim Chisholm in 1998, later becoming part of the Cambridge Local Plan in 2007.

Jim Chisholm said "I am very proud that this walking and cycling connection between North and South Cambridge is now moving forward. The route avoids all main roads making journeys across the city pleasant and traffic-free.”

Crucial to the success will be the negotiation with Network Rail for a licence to use some land along the rail corridor including access to spare arches beneath the Mill Road bridge.

Robin Heydon, Chairman of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, said: “I look forward to being able to cycle from the Cambridge Business Park to Trumpington Meadows without getting in the way of buses or taxis, travelling past shopping areas, two stations and associated business areas, and the biomedical campus. This route can help transform Cambridge, reduce traffic congestion, and increase the competitiveness of Cambridge against other international cities.”

The route provides many benefits. The two links under Mill Road by the bridge will make cycling and walking in the area more pleasant as well as reducing delays to other traffic. A new foot and cycle bridge over the Cam adjacent to the existing railway bridge will provide access to jobs and services in the Science Park area to places like Abbey and Teversham, and access to jobs at the Airport and beyond to people living in the northern necklace villages. The route should also provide a new underpass beneath Newmarket Road, enabling outstanding access to the Leper chapel, one of Cambridge’s hidden gems.


  1. The Greater Cambridge City Deal Joint Assembly is being held on Wednesday, 15 July at 2pm in Cambourne.
  3. The Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board will be meeting next on Tuesday 4 August at 2pm, the proposed venue is Cambourne.

Briefing note for Greater Cambridge City Deal Assembly members, prepared by Cambridge Cycling Campaign.