Resurfacing of Mill Road

Mill Road has recently been resurfaced, and this work has included removal of the centre line (except on the bridge). Here is our view.

The removal of the line is supported by a recent study from the CTC that concludes that in 20mph areas the removal of the central line can result in wider and slower overtakes of people on bikes. This has already been used in Cambridge, for example on Gilbert Road.

Mill Road is not a comfortable place to cycle due to the speed and impatience of motor traffic, much of which is only using it as a through-route rather than benefitting Mill Road itself. It is damaging for businesses if potential customers on bikes completely avoid the area, or avoid lingering there due to safety concerns. We are pleased to see these kind of low-cost improvements, though a more radical approach will be required to really make the road an attractive place for people, rather than a route for moving motor vehicles.