Northstowe Phase 2 consultation

The Northstowe Phase 2 consultation closes on 31st October. Points we will be making in our response:

  1. The development is completely permeable to motor traffic. Closing roads to through-motor traffic makes them quieter and discourages driving short distances, enhancing the residential area and making it more attractive for walking and cycling.
  2. The 2m wide cycle lanes on the primary streets (down from 2.1m in phase 1) are next to a water feature, reducing the usable width. We suggest 2.5m lanes
  3. Bi-directional cycle lanes on secondary streets make junctions more dangerous
  4. 2m wide shared-use greenways are completely inadequate for both walking and cycling
  5. Lack of connectivity to the wider region
  6. No marked provision for cycling in the town centre
  7. No detailed statement on residential bike parking
  8. 30mph design speeds on residential routes. No mention of 20mph anywhere.

This is a brand-new town, without the physical constraints of the existing road network. Once again the designers are presenting us with sub-standard cycle infrastructure, and repeating the mistakes of the last few decades of town building.

Please respond to the consultation and raise your concerns about the design for cycling.