City centre cycle parking project adds 600 spaces, adding security and clearing pavements

An excellent programme of adding 600 new cycle parking spaces around Cambridge city centre has been completed, following lobbying over many years by Cambridge Cycling Campaign to address the shortage of spaces.

The project, funded and implemented by Cambridge City Council had cross-party backing. It was led by former Cllr Tim Ward. Before approval of the spaces, changes were helpfully made during the consultation phase to ensure that the needs of pedestrians and the disabled were fully taken into account.

Chair of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, Martin Lucas-Smith, said:
Providing more cycle parking is one of the best ways to enable more people to access the centre in a growing city. The spaces for 600 cycles mean a considerable improvement in cycle security, in a city where cycle theft is sadly still rife. Also, the project is visibly clearing pavements that were previously strewn with bikes — to the detriment of walkers and the disabled, by allocating secure spaces off the pavement instead.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign would like to see this successful programme continued with additional spaces, where locations come to light. A third city centre cycle park is also needed, following the success of Park Street Cycle Park and the Grand Arcade Cycle Park.

A gallery showing many of the new spaces can be seen at: